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Thanks for this. As for my two cents it’s really annoying getting whatever is in your fifth slot as a player. I know a lot of player playing alone end up playing the monster even if it’s in the fifth slot because everyone else is in a group. Any chance of getting this patched so we never get our fifth slot instead of getting it all the time due to matchmaking.

@MacMan @DamJess what do you think?

Game really needs a feature where you can watch replays of games played and bounce from player to player seeing what they did.

Oh cool! I didn’t see this category pop up, I like it!

Yes, finally a dedicated category for all the people who want to complain about Running Simulator 2015. :wink:

And constructive criticism naturally, but I can see that’ll be a minority.

Abe’s stasis grenades are a huge problem. They need to be more like Hyde’s with a delay. People just spam them out. It’s really starting to irritate me. Loved the game till I encountered this. It’s not a horrible problem when they don’t just spam them out, but when you get someone that does, it’s very annoying. Especially when it gets combined with Val’s tranq dart.

Whose Dave and also stasis grenades and tranquilizer gun don’t stack but agreed when both are in use it’s hard to get away.

Auto correct got me. Lol.
I figured they didn’t, just makes it more annoying. Abe hits you with that and then your slow so Val gets easy shots in. Now you got a dart which slows you again and you can be tracked for a bit. Probably won’t get away because Abe will toss another grenade. I didn’t think much of it till I played as Abe and noticed I could just keep tossing them all day. Also, how far he throws them, not a problem if he couldn’t just spam them out. Not to mention, I’ve thrown grenades in the army, you can’t throw them all that far.
Abe and Val are a gruesome twosome, that’s for sure.

Thanks for this post @DamJess

Abe’s stasis grenades are fine and need to last longer. Hunters merely have no chance against a level 3. Buff the Hunters. Because the game is becoming less fun when winning with Monsters become as easy as (level) 1 2 3.

Would like to see something like a mastery tracker while in game. It’s weird the way that it is right now. :smile:

Monster perk, armor regeneration is almost useless. Might require some tweaking.

The fauna perk that gives Bullet/Melee slow Monster/Hunter down is too one sided. While it does little to benefit the monster When he has it on.
It’s too powerful for the hunters it slows the monster down so much that they can not escape hunters from a wounded battle.

Have played about 6 games where the perk was founded by both sides. Hunters will kill the monster ez once they found it. I was both as monster and on the hunter team.

I have trouble finding games in my region(SEA) and most nights I would spend up 30 minutes before I found a game. Some nights I just can’t find games, flat out.

I want to play monster more so joining in on people on other regions doesn’t work for that, what I’m saying is it would be really nice if the match making could find my a game outside of my region rather than me waiting infinitely in queue just to be a monster 1 time before everyone ragequits or disconnects. :frowning:

I really believe you guys need to make a lobby system and a kick player option. That would make this game alot more less frustrating for those who would like to play with individuals with a mic.

Idk if this had been brought up or not. Can you guys make it so we know what perk we have on the hub when you pull up a map? If I came into a match late and I knew what perk and was OK with the circumstances I’d stay and join the team. I bet a lot of people would have a higher chance of staying as well.

I think the balance is good. I find that most of the time I win against a stage 1 or 2. That’s the hunters’ advantage. If you let a monster hit stage 3, that’s their advantage.

This game just fucking sucks now. TRS has given this game to the hunter players on a silver platter. I enjoyed the game while it lasted but this shit has gotten old. Buff this hunter nerf this monster buff this hunter. You can base on numbers all you want, but as long as you make fair for uncoordinated team, the ones that are will have easy succes. Congrats you fucked up your game and seems like it’s getting past the PSR ( point of safe return). Searching for a better game now. Bummer The Division was delayed it looked like fun…

Game modes

Monster Vs Monster

I don’t know how crow got that helmet on that monster but now those two aren’t friends anymore.
Each monster starts at one end of the map & the last monster standing wins.
(Evolve to give yourself the edge over the other monster)


The hunters have gone in over their heads as a stage 4 is rampaging in the area looking for them.
Hunters have modified equipment. (Hyde’s Chem sprayer sprays actual chemicals to interfere with the monster E.T.C.) the hunters win after 15mins of survival. no respawns.


The hunters have turned the tables & have brought an army of ebon star solders to wipe out the monster menace. 5 monsters on 10 hunters with waves of ebon star sort of like defence in reverse.

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