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Ok if any turtle rock studios people are reading this you need to hear me out. The Nintendo nx is supposed to come out sometime this year and be stronger than the PS4 (supposedly) and I really love playing this game on the Xbox one at MY FRIENDS HOUSE but I would really love it if this came out for the nx this year and that it has a sequel in a year or so! Please don’t give up on this game it is so amazing it has truly changed my gaming experience!

         I would appreciate if you read this 

I’m not going to cruse or be crude in anyway but I would like to respectfully and regrettably say that I think the way you are going about some of these balance changes are wrong. This game from the very beggining seemed to be geared towards an audience who had to have a high amount of communication and understanding of the game mechanics in order to win in ranked play or in order to win in general the higher level you are and the better people you face. I understand why evolve stage two had the changes it has but I really strongly disagree with the overall direction of all these changes are leading the game. I understand these changes are supposed to make it easier for new comers and I have no problems with that and there is no room to deny that the game is at the moment favoring its new comers like how a blind person favors hearing.

The recent jack…I guess visual change (I wouldn’t say it’s a buff ) very clearly favors newcomers (on a side note im going to be brutality honest like maybe a month later or when ever they understand it. For the love of god change it back it looks really bad compared to the original) caters to new comers in a very obvious way. What I hope is that these changes aren’t to stay and as more people get accustomed to the game and learn how to play it you will change it to a more skill based game again with all the depth and beauty I loved in the game before.

I mean I’m fine with the clarity to the ability’s and maps staying I think that was very great but maybe bring low hanging brush back a little something to bring back a little bit of the predator vibe but not to the point were combat can become confusing for both monster and hunter. I’m not really sure how I feel about the wildlife changes I like them in the fact that it seems like a flat change instead of favoring anything in particular expect quicker play as both parties.

I think the shared dome makes sense and I wouldn’t be too disappointed if it stayed however it does take a lot away from trapper which I know was the goal so you didn’t feel as responsible as well as not being able to mess doming the monster up. I think all you really needed was some sort of indicator even if it was just a ui one that would somehow show that the monster is in prefect range for a dome or not. I really don’t like the planet scanner as it dumbs down game play in more ways then anything else but I am fine with that because it will bring in more players but I really hope you don’t plan to keep some of these simplifying changes. I would even be fine if it just worked differently like it would ping and show the last exact location he was except with a time delay so like 15 seconds maybe so the monsters already a decent bit away because of the notifaction of its use but because of the tracks they now have a lead that they didn’t(if they continue to sneak then they will most likely be seen or caught up too…I’m not a balancing expert but I’m sure someone who put more then a few minutes into the thought could figure a balanced way for that to work)

. I never had a problem with following tracks my problem was when I had no leads to follow as a trapper and I felt I was failing my team this makes sense to me. To change it to something like that or a ping that shows sneaked tracks for like 30sec and have like a 1min, 1min 15sec cooldown. I just don’t like the fact that this leads them directly to the monster I mean at least jacks had a deploy time. This also makes birds less of a worry for monsters still a worry but much less of one and hunters don’t need to look out for audio cues or look for fleeing wildlife or anything they can just run ping and run until they catch up and dome the monster it just gets rid of a lot of deep depth the game had.

That was the coolest thing to me where all those subtile things that led you to the monster I wanted more of that more of that feeling of wonder from the world of sheer that feeling of accomplishment from using those skills that the game teaches you through little text box’s these things that used to be an amazing help at finding the monster and are now almost a unnecessary thing to look for because after a relatively short cooldown you are flat out pointed in the right direction. I just hope in the future you can add those little subtle things I loved back in the game and maybe even add a little more because the wonder that you guys made me feel when I first played this game was so immense and I could never get enough.

Anyway I stayed on that part to long. The time change isn’t my favorite either I liked the feeling of a longer hunt but( I do know I’m probably in the minority there as well as many other things when it comes to this game.) I do know not everyone had the time to play a 20 min match (though it didn’t always reach that I’d say it was much more varied then people try to say especially in a really really competitive game.) Reducing the effect of the strike system really messed with the monsters play style but in a way I do feel this was a needed change self healing out of combat a little less but its not a biggy. Free to play was an awfully bold and sudden move and I’m glad as well as these games though I just hope these aren’t set in stone changes and you guys are willing to change if you feel something’s off or starts becoming off which I believe you will because you guys seem to be trying to really bring evolve to a whole new glory.

The assault rework is by far one of my most loved changes no longer can a monster burn threw the shield from a distance Or in general really it makes you feel like a forced to be reconded with for as long as it lasts. Also no longed can an assault use it right when you get him down to his last bit of health. Supports one is pretty nice too not as good or as perfect as the assaults update in my eyes by definitely good. Wraiths change wasn’t bad either especially considering the stuff you guys did to stealth and time which wraith needed both of. Anyway that just about does it for my opinion I’m sorry it was so long but its about as long as my feelings are deep for this game.

In summary I really think more subtle changes like the certain types of wild life and making them react differently in a way that directs people to the monster or even plant interactions like plants this will glow a certain color if bloods been exposed in the air near it or certain brush that snares the monsters/hunters a little and slows them down I think changes to the world of sheer can help this game a lot for my experience at least and I hope others feel the same way.

I know this might not be the place for it but I wanna say thank you for not letting this game fall away. I can’t say all I did and not say that. even if the game I see people playing is what it will be I’m just glad the devs and everyone has put even more effort then they did from the start. Its been more then a pleasure playing legacy evolve and I’m not upset about it being released late to console if it is. I just love the game through and through. Don’t get me wrong I like certain aspects more the others and do wanna see those pushed but truly its a great game and all the hate I see for legacy evolve I mostly don’t get all the hate I see for stage two evolve I also mostly don’t see but I do see both.

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Siento que los cazadores están bien el daño que producen es bueno… El problema es que aunque el monstruo sea grande siempre tienen ventaja los cazadores por que aunque el daño del monstruo sea mayor por cazador… Ellos tiene regeneración de escudo al instante y vida ilimitada.
1-son 4 el monstruo 1
Cada cazador tiene 2 habilidades hacen un total de 8 habilidades contra 4 que el monstruo tiene en 3 fase por que en 1 las habilidades del monstruo son inútiles a comparación de los cazadores que siguen teniendo la mismas ventajas… Los cazadores no siguen la huellas siguen al radar.
Los cazadores juntos tiene más fuerza y poder que el monstruo aparte de eso que ellos se regeneran la vida y el monstruo no…
El mapa es muy pequeño para el monstruo como para ocultarse y planear la estrategia… El daño que el monstruo produce es insignificante con los perk de recuperación de vida del los cazadores y encima de eso tienen médico… El monstruo no se regenera la vida ni tiene médico… Después de la actualización están peores… He jugado 13 partidas y solo gane 1 antes por lo menos perdía cada 3 o 2 partidas, dependiendo de los cazadores… Siempre los cazadores tendrá mucha más ventana que el monstruo…