About the pricing. Honest question


Ok, so this is to anyone who can answer it. I was super excited when I first heard this game announced. The idea sounded very appealing. I’m playing it now and am enjoying the game a great deal. One of the reasons I was excited was because of the possibility of dlc, a near infinite amount of monsters seemed liked the coolest thing about this game. But once I heard how much content would end up in the final game with the 60 dollar price tag I began wondering if said amount of content would justify the purchase, or prepurchase in this case. So I have a few questions I was hoping I might get a response from the developers.

Ok, so after rethinking my question and looking around the internet for more opinions, I guess the question becomes do you honestly think the game or the dlc is overpriced? If you’re unable to answer the question because you can’t when it comes to budget vs pricing or don’t have enough information from 2k, etc., that’s understandable. I just hope I’m not being deluded here :p.

In retrospect I’ll still preorder this game anyways simply because I like and enjoy it that much. So at least I’ll get one monster free and can purchase the other for a total of 75, excluding the hunters.


The problem with this is that it’s VERY subjective. Do you value time = money and compare off something similar in entertainment? For instance, most people compare entertainment to a movie. Roughly ~$10 for ~2 hours of entertainment. Do you think you’ll get more than 12 hours out of the game. If so, then this is worth it. However, it’s really hard to gauge. Personally, I played 46 hours during the Big Alpha, which wasn’t fully optimized, had 3 maps (Out of 16) 1 Game Mode and 2/3 of the lineup and it was literally the best game I played all year.

Like I said, it’s VERY subjective.


Gotta agree with MaddCow! I purchased the Monster Race day it was published at Steam. If you liked the game - go ahead and grab it. If you disn’t enjoy it, wait for the sale. You know world is going digital and copies won’t run out…


This game is well worth the $60 price tag. Most single player only games last you about 10 hours for the same price and it took TRS just as much effort to make this.
You can always buy a game and enjoy it without purchasing the DLC. If it turns out that you really want the DLC then I think you will feel it is worth the money.


I’d sit there and say yes it is worth the price. The $60 price on the game itself, just from playing the alpha and beta is in my opinion, a steal. I haven’t felt the kind of tense adrenaline rush from multiplayer in a long time. As for the DLC characters, ask yourself if you HAVE to have every one (I do lol). At first glance they might look expensive, but look at what you’re getting compared to DLC from other games and the fact you get maps and gamemodes free (what triple A titles EVER do this?) and I feel the price is worth it given it takes more to make a whole new character with animations vs a map. I’ve had some amazing matches so far and didn’t need to spend a penny to get them and come back begging for more.

So summary, game itself is worth the $60, the DLC you should really only buy the ones you really want unless you just want to play them all seeing as how you will NEVER get penalized for not buying DLC


Thats exactly what I was thinking because I’ve put in 3000+ hrs in Dota 2 and CS. Yet still upon first hearing of the pricing and content somehow I still feel like it’s pricey. O well, I’m still gonna buy the game and yea it may be worth it, just content since it is high quality compared to other comp titles like CS and such.