About the Official Fiction category


Official Fiction from Turtle Rock, set in the Evolve universe!




What does this mean?


This is where all of the Official Evolve fiction will be kept!

All Hail Matthew! :crown:


Oh so like Kala’s story?




Oh wait wait, I just realized it’s a new category :stuck_out_tongue:


It means that we might be seeing more little stories.


Yayyy!! Finally a place for all the fiction to reside in! Just finished Caira’s. These are great for killing time before a lecture.


A place for Matthews’ story’s …
More story’s confirmed?!?


So us mortals don’t have anything to do with this category, right?


I think new players were having a hard time finding the canonical character backstory stuff I’d written, so someone said “let’s make a category for them.”

The goal is not to _dis_courage fan fiction, just to make the official stuff easier to find.

I think there’s already a category for community-created content, but if there’s not, there should be!


There most certainly is!