About the new Evolve release date (February 10, 2015)


Hey all. As you know, the release date got pushed back and people are understandably feeling a little deflated and hoping for answers. We understand. Here’s how it went down.

As we got closer to the October date, we were able to look at where the game was going to be, and compare that to where we all dreamed it would be. In a meeting with the top brass I described it as “painfully close.”

Fortunately 2K feels the same way and is willing to put extra time into the game so that we can make our dream a reality. That’s huge for us, and for the future of Evolve. We want to be proud of every aspect of the game on release day.

Hang in there. There’s a lot to look forward to between now and February.

And thanks again to everyone who helped us with the Alpha test. It was a huge success! We learned so much!


PS - The manly beards and womanly locks will grow. (the girls signed a contract too!)

Evolve delayed to February 2015
Evolve is delayed. Your thoughts?

Has the whole team not cut their hair or trimmed their beards since development began?

I want a group before and after picture.


You can see a bunch of pictures for the beards on our Facebook!


Only the ones who were tough enough for the job. :wink:

You should read the contracts, they are pretty entertaining.


Thanks for the statement @MacMan!


Nice to see the no shaving deal goes on! >:)


@macman - I assume painfully close means 12 maps, 3 monsters, and 12 hunters is in there but I also am curious, I know that the ratio was a little high for hunter to monster wins than you wanted, 58:42 or something like that… you aren’t going to be doing anything silly like nerf hunters are you? :wink:

I am upset but I trust you guys to do the right thing, just make sure not to lose all that hype you have. You can probably snag up all those people who are not satisfied with BL2, FC4 and Destiny.

Hope to see another alpha and short term open beta, good luck!



Where are these contracts?! I must see them!


are you planning on adding extra monster / hunters because of this huge delay because i dont see how can say you loads to show off with one monster and 4 hunters only left to come ?


Yea post the contract, community wants to see it!


I hope those contracts involved a non-leg-hair-shaving clause for the ladies. Guaranteed they’d be whipping you guys into shape in a timely fashion then! Hah… :frowning:


Yeah, everything is in the game and it was nothing about game balance or general gameplay. Mostly polish and presentation stuff and time to react to things like the Alpha test.


If more time is needed to deliver the best product possible, then so be it. I’m disappointed, obviously, but how would I feel if the game was released earlier than it should be and didn’t meet my expectations? Surely a little patience on my part now will lead to greater happiness later.

I love what TRS is doing. I am floored by the intimate involvement of so many TRS staff members on these forums and other places on the web. I feel strongly that the DLC model is a good one. And quite honestly, I enjoy this community. That’s rare in today’s environment, as so many places have more toxic members than good ones.

Evolve has all the pieces to become the next legendary game. A game that years from now some diehards will still be playing and the rest use as a measuring stick against which they compare new games. I don’t want that to be jeopardized just so we don’t have to wait a few extra months. Take the time to build the game you want, so that we get to share in your realized dream.

I’m going to stick around here and try to make some friends who’ll want to play when the game is released. I encourage others to do the same. It’ll be worth it in the end.


Yeah. Just shy of 2 months till the initial slated release date was going to be VERY tight, considering the final public Alpha that just occurred.

Add in the fact that to even reach that initial date, the game still needed to be produced/published, manuals/inserts printed and then eventually shipped to suppliers…That window of time for actual change grows much shorter considering all the factors that are involved to ship and release the actual product.

This news to me wasn’t shocking at all, and I’m glad to see it’s now officially official.


I laughed so hard at this. On topic though, i really hope you guys can fulfill your dream ofreleasing this awesome game. Hope us PS4 and pc users can get a beta too to help us keep this hype train chugging along lol


Considering what has been seen and what has been done, I can only imagine what awesomeness this extra time will yield. If it takes 4 extra months to fulfill your dream, then do it! The world will be even more awestruck with your final product!

I’ve wanted a game like this since I started playing video games. A few months won’t kill any hype.


The vow.



This is amazing and terrifying. I can grow a full beard in two weeks if I’m slow. I’m pretty sure my parents genetically engineered me to have the fastest growing facial hair of any human being. I literally get 5 o’clock shadow in the time it takes me to walk from the bathroom to the den after a clean shave. And not like fake internet “literally” but actually for real literally. If I signed this today, I’d be somewhere between ZZ top and Gandalf by the end.



Was there a glaring hole the Alpha showcased you weren’t expecting?