About the Monster

By never playing hunter maybe?


and how exactly does that work?

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I uh… I’m a Hunter exclusive player.
I don’t even have Kraken.

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Allot of those can be explained, also you are all a big bunch of babies, am I The Only One who doesn’t really mind what I get as long as I don’t get monster back to back when I don’t want it, also when I join mid match as monster I win most of the time, even if I have lower health than I’d like, rise to the challenge, eye of the tiger, all that stuff, also u like joining mid match as hunters, gives me the opportunity to get some progress in roles I don’t play that often, reminds me of how fun they can be, I generally play as medic, have almost two stars in all of the medics abilities, all four, not wanting to be douchy, just proud of my accomplishments. If I get a biography written about me I’d like that to be in it, though hopefully it’ll be all three stars by the time I die

Fixed that for ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Play monster if alone but normally try to organise a team

That’s a lie :c

I know, I know I’m only kidding! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have elited all hunters and monsters (before the achievement nerfs) haha I just want to be included in your book

I’ll make sure to include you, it’ll say right in the beginning inspired by LostLibra

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