About the Monster

How many of the people here still play Monster exclusively?

You can make a poll asking that friend :smile:

don’t know how sadly :sleepy:

The preview will let you see if you got it right

Me, I mean come on, it’s always fun to be a boss and kill those pesky flies known as hunters.

I love it, more than I love playing hunters, but I rarely play it now because my friends are abroad so I’d lag, which makes it impossible. Plus I’m really lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Yes, I exclusively play Monster
  • No, I don’t like playing the Monster
  • I play them all

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Thank you :smile:


Monster all day everyday.

Btw, for the next time, you can PM me if you want to test if your poll works :smile:

Alright Thanks

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Me even though this game is a but hunter favored. The struggle is real haha

I have a love/hate relationship playing Monster. I love it, prefer it to playing Hunter in a way 'cuz pfft, teamwork, but I hate how bad I am at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • Just
  • Trying
  • This

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Yay it works!

  • OMG
  • IS
  • SO
  • NOW

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Edit : ok maybe not , cause I suck and it doesent work again T_T


I exclusively play hunter, I don’t know why I just don’t find it fun to play monster. My favourite part of this game is the insane amount of teamwork and coordination you need as hunters, and monsters just don’t have that.

I play Hunter exclusively.

You see, about once or twice a month I decide to give Monster a go because I’m slowly getting bored by the repetitiveness of Skirmish as Hunters, but then I immediately get frustrated to death in 1 match and give up on Monster for a long while.

Here’s my average round of playing Monster in Hunt: (note that I do not consider myself a bad Monster player)

  1. Pick Goliath.
  2. Make false track at the start for 5 seconds.
  3. Sneak towards other direction.
  4. Put a wall behind me to hide footprints and start leaping away.
  5. Leap gets stuck on a random cobble, have to waste 2 leaps for just crossing a small canyon.
  6. Another leap gets stuck / doesn’t activate on time, causing me to fall down below right into Birds.
  7. So Hunters now know where I went, have to quickly get some food and sneak off.
  8. No time to be picky, just eat anything anywhere. Needless to say I get Carrion Brids on my 3rd kill.
  9. Hunters are dangerously close, sneaking too risky. Time to GTFO.
  10. Leap away. Leap away. Leap aw—nope, gets stuck again.
  11. Have no traversals left, can easily smell that Trapper is cutting me off.
  12. Sneak or no sneak, I turn around and backtrack to fool them.
  13. Covered some distance, let’s GTFO again and boom — leaped right into Birds again.
  14. Fuck tactics then, just rush towards more food.
  15. Finally found a good spot for eating, killed some Striders.
  16. Non-elite Armadon rushes me before I can eat them. I kill him too out of anger and frustration instead of moving on.
  17. I try to eat my huge prepared meal but then a Trapjaw pack spawns denying me all food. I got punished for trying to get armor “too quick” despite having no choice since the Hunters are on my ass.
  18. Leap away, I’ll try to loop around. Landing after my first leap, immediately get zapped by 3 Mammoth Birds. I kill them. The triple Mammoth Bird damage combined with the Armadon and Trapjaws have already cost me half a health bar before I even engaged the Hunters.
  19. Eating them. Carrion Birds.
  20. Try to leap away. Second leap gets stuck on terrain again.

If this is the “Monster Experience” then I want no part of it. Playing Monster is the most frustrating aspect of this game for me and here’s why:

This game doesn’t need RNG Carrion Birds, Trapjaws punishing you for good Monster play and bugged traversals for Goliath and Behemoth. They don’t add any necessary balance to the game.

Getting back into monster after not playing for a while can be rough. I normally play some solo against bots to remember how to hit with abilities and stuff again xD
Then change to hunters having advantage, to prepare you better for online play.

Otherwise, it can get really frustrating. Although I still get really frustrated at some of the Hunter combos, like Lennox, Hank, Caira and trapper. Really brutal combo, as it takes forever for someone to go down,but you still takes crap ton of damage because of Lennox

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Plus Lennox screws over your ability to focus because you need to reset the multiplier very often and keep distance while trying to crack the Caira + Hank + CC + Kiting combo. It’s painful. :stuck_out_tongue:

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how can you play monster exclusive?