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damjess be my medic on xbox

PC hunter here!

Medic, support or monster here !

Hunter here. Trapper/Assault focus
PC Master Race!
GMT -6 / Central Standard Time

GMT +1
Europ time !

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Wohoo! Finally! :stuck_out_tongue:

Medic/Trapper/Assault/Support here for the Master Race
Will be using a gamepad FYI
send me a PM

You use PC?

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Yes 10 char

Send me a PM with you skype ^^

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Need PS4 team! PM me if you want to join :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not with you, sorry

Goliath Is Hungrrryyyyy! Feed Me Some Medics They Taste Good!


Looking to play for a few hours most nights, lfg to climb the ladder/have fun with.
Roles from most to least played:
Trapper (I have never played a trapper Β―\ _ (ツ)_/Β―)

Had about an 90% winrate in beta (fuck wraith), cant recall stats from alpha.

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Looking for team one xb1, gt: Thy Pacemaker

I like to Assault mostly but my second preferred is support I have all unlocked

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Im a PC player. want to join a group or do one.

I like to play trapper but i can fill anyone.
Region: Europe
ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049593841/

Looking for group Xbone I play between 4-10 pm pst will play any role most fav to least trapper/support/assault/medic GT: ExcessiveToker

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PSN -> That_Logan_Guy
Looking to play with people with mics.

Name: Dagnome (Twitch.tv/dagnom)
Age: 26
Current profile lvl: 20+
Role (s): Medic, Support, assault, trapper
Monster: Goliath
Timezone: US (EST)
Platform: PC

I am not the β€œbest” player in the world but as the game has only been out for a day or so I have a lot of time to get better. I am typically on during the days (9:00-2:00) but am looking for solid players to hunt with. Most of my online matches now are plauged by a lack of communication and teamwork.