About the chat at current stage (alpha)


Hi, girls and guys,
im lurking in the TRS forums for months, now its time to register! :wink:

One thing catch my attantion, i didnt see mention here.
The in game chat window, or how to call it.
Persenaly i talk as much as i can on mic, but then sometime just typing in a message.
Here comes the trouble: if anybody else write something down, its way to fast gone due to limited space.
Just 3 messages, and the last one is gone, and no way to scroll up and down to actually re read all.

maybe TRS will add a wow like bar in beta or release version, who knows
would be great to have the opportunity to revisit older messeges and actually wisper to other, for rebuilding teams and building up social aspects.

hope you guys understand me… :frowning:


Hey awtowelo welcome to the forums!

I see you had some difficulty writing this down but don’t worry I understood and I support the idea.

If anything we should have a history scroller on the public chat.


I fully agree as this was my experience too. A history scroller would do the trick indeed.


Agreed, I would concentrate on the game and then realise I just missed someone’s text chat with no way of finding out what was said.


In the original alpha i had a thread with tons of suggestions including Chat history… but after that alpha the alpha forums were deleted :frowning:
But hopefully they are working on it.


thx for reply, good that im not alone with struggle at this point.
thats why i wanted to mention this, so devs dont forget to implement this in the game by release. :smile:


Glad you joined to try and share some thoughts and contributions, keep up your community involvement!


ok welcome to the forums of :monster: and a chat bar would be a good idea even tho I wont need one cuz Im playing :monster: on xboxone and if you have xbox you know what I mean :confused:


I would be surprised if you can’t access the console and see chat history.


Welcome man, I’m glad you wrote us about this chat problem because that’s what I wanted to do but forgot for that. Ye chat in Alpha made me really sad. :slight_smile:


On PC, I like chats that are smart enough to be opened with the ENTER key, and then use that same key to submit the message.Or SHIFT + ENTER to open up Team/Global chat. Of course, in this day and age, that also means there needs to be a chat disabling option, or not only the ability to mute/silence a player, but for it to remember that between play sessions. :slight_smile:


A BF4 kind of Chat should work, as for console i found the Voice Chat quality to be lacking. It didn’t sound very clear although the people i played with had good headsets. Hope this will get sorted out.


This is true, it would help a tiny bit.

TRS, post-launch update!


this still has relevance. the chat is near useless as it is. half of the time you cant use it, and the rest you dont need it… no teamcolor no allchat…

it does not work when the game ends, it takes 30 seconds or so for it to be used again, damn near useless! no chatlog, please please please fix this.


i hope it too, i hope it too…