About the birds


So. The birds… I was wondering if there would possibly be any change to the way they work. In their current state, it seems a bit unbalanced. I think they should be changed to where the hunters have to have actual los on them. I don’t understand why there should be a mark on the hud when you can’t possibly see the birds. I can understand that you hear them, and maybe that will draw your attention to the sky. Just to make it less of a freebie for the hunters, is all. Not to take them out completely, but to leave them but make it a bit different. I’d like to know what other people think of the birds as well, if people would like to see the same thing or leave it as is.


it is to combat a super sneaky monster


I know, that’s why I don’t want them to be gone completely. Just make it less obvious when no hunter can see them.


If they changed it so you only got the notification if you had Los with the birds it would end up favouring some maps over others. For example with dam if the hunters are on the wrong side of the river they would never see the bird notifications due to the caves and walls.


There are already LoS birds. Carrion birds.

I think it would be a more immersive feel if you had to look at the sky instead of a 3d marker.

Fun fact, you can shoot the birds as a hunter. I wonder if you can also throw a rock at them as the monster.


You can, it startles them. You can even use it to trick the hunters


I need to try this before the beta ends.


I was killing all the birds when my friend was playing monster during customs. He wasn’t very good yet so we were helping him out with sneaking. But do they re-spawn after you kill them…? I’ve never really checked. It could be useful as a monster. Just torch the birds with fire breath or smash them with the rock as Goliath… But I agree with that, at least take out the marker. You can already see the grey (or gray, depending on where you’re from) silhouette of them flying in the air, that should be more than enough.


I understand your concern, but you’re undermining the idea of the HUD. Why are you able to see yourself on the map? What’s providing that telemetry? If something can track where you are in the world and put it on a map like that, surely it can home in on the location of birds taking flight.


Yeah I felt the same way. Same thing as a gunshot locator in seedy neighborhoods.


But by that logic, you would see the monster at all times as well…


It is a little goofy from a logistical standpoint… My most memorable instance of Bird ESP being seeing them in the distance when I was deep inside a cave… but if you couldn’t see them regardless, it would give a strong advantage to the Monster, which would cause… imbalance.

Interesting to hear that carrion birds require LOS. If that’s so, it makes sneaking even more useful than I’d previously thought…


I think it’s not true LOS though, you just need to see the silhouettes of them as they are highlighted through walls


Bucket has a magic torso that can generate both infinite UAV heads and infinite auto-turrets.
Fun game mechanics trump realism every time. At least, in Evolve they do.


I think they’re fine as-is, balance wise. At higher levels, with better monster players, you almost never get a bird alert unless they make a small mistake or they WANT you to know where they are. They can be beneficial for both sides. Making them less useful in the way you describe might also degrade the usefulness of the “Birds ignore you” perk.


Seemed to me that the only way you knew of carrion birds was when the computer generated character chat came up. Or you could just plain see them. I didn’t notice this, but seemed like as a hunter using carrion birds was just a “on the right track” mechanism. I didn’t think you saw them on 3d map, unless maybe someone else saw them and the information was shared on hud.

It is not something I paid too much attention to. I could be wrong.


Sometimes I saw them on the screen a second or so before the chat/Hub icon came up, I imagine they were on other hunters screen as well its just they are hard to see


This is also totally off topic, but the thread title makes me think about the Birds and the Bees. Which is probably a slightly different talk on Shear.

“Mummy, will you tell me about the birds and the bees?”

“Yes dear. Stay away from them both, or they will kill you and eat your eyeballs for their sweet, sweet juices. Now go to sleep.”



I didn’t realize the monster was always flying around above the tree canopy and screeching… The point is that logic doesn’t exactly play a part in a game like this.

EDIT: By the way, it seems to me, although you never explicitly state your balance issue here, that you would like this change because the birds currently give the hunters too much of a tracking advantage. However, you may not have considered that many a good Monster will strategically use the birds to their advantage to try and lead hunters on a wild goose chase.


I am ok with birds as they work right now, but there should be timer when they first appear, it’s really awkward when you successfully sneak from start only to have your position given away by totally random flock of carions after your first prey is killed.