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Please for the love of god…

No more shotguns, let’s get abit more creative,

Maybe some sort of acid heat seeking rocket launchers, or a pulse rifle that can charge up shots or fire auto albeit smaller damaging bursts.


Give Hyde double flamethrowers please (even better make them shoot flaming shotguns) @MrHat556


As long as they are not the standard pellet shot and spread ones I’ve been seeing since the beginning of time.


I would love to see an Assault that has a gun similar to Crows, without the ability to go through armor. Small shots for close range, then charged shots for long range. That would be awesome. And i dont want another shotgun either. It is my favorite gun, but i wanna see something else. Possibly a heavy fist weapon, a sniper rifle that does not put weak points, a sword, a grenade launcher, or maybe a laser gun that has a constant beam. That would be cool.


An assualt with any kinda of weapon has to have major damage capabilities or assists in giving major damage. So a health shot sniper probably wouldn’t be the best way to get around it.


I was thinking more for long range. You know something like Vals gun but with no weak point and an increase in damage.


I would say that the idea that an assualt needs to be able to do massive damage is a misconception. I mean I know that’s what the other 4 assaults do. But I really hope that TRS can find other ways to give us that effect

How about an assualt who can boost the damage output of the whole team to comprabale levels… Thus weak by themselves but super effective with the wolfpack

Even an assault who sacrifices damage output to seriously hinder the monster in some way, shape, or form. Who really helps the team in exchange

Cabot would make the latter a more viable teammate and would form the ultimate offensive teammate comp with the former


I disagree with you their direct health damage should be applied anywhere except assualt… That just sounds like too much pressure from assualt


That sounds like more of a supporting role.

Macman himself even said, that should you take the assualt down, then you’ll really notice how little damage your taking. That to me signals assualts role as main damage dealer.


I respect it… But if assualt is the one providing damage boost to teams damage… Then if assualt goes down you will notice the difference… It wouldn’t work for the latter build I mentioned… But their are other ways for assualt to boost damage output without being the damage output

At least I would like to think so… Just my opinion


I understand what your saying, but literally assualt is intended to be the damage dealer though.


I dont quite understand what yous saying. I was saying i would like to see a gun similar to Crows, a charged shot that does great damage with higher accuracy, and smaller shots that has a slight scatter but does less damage, and that does not go through armor. I think no Assault should be able to hit health through armor.

It seems like that is what your saying as well though, but you said you disagree with me.