About that dragging out issue


Hmm I think there actually is a problem with the end game design:

Thefact that the monster can stop destroying the generator and it remains at that health level

What wpuld solve this problem

a) The hunters should be able to repair the generator (for example by standing close to it and the more hunters stand close to it the faster it would repair


b) the generator should automatically heal at a certain rate. This would force the monster to continue causing damage to the generator.

Because we all know it, as it is now, we have the problem that the monster can lower the generator to say 1% and then remain beside it and have its way with the hunters, especially if the hunters have mostly two strikes.

A mechanic that the monster would actually have to keep on damaging the generator would dissolve this problem

What do you guys think?

Be ause now it is almost per default that the monster does that when it comes to the endgame. If not for mastery then for pure Schadenfreude. . . We all do it


I’m going to say no, having a self healing generator doesn’t make much sense. If that happened the hunters could cover all sides and just pick at the monster to keep it from damaging the generator.


It wouldnt matter how that is realised. The point being that some of the damage the monster has done should gradually become undone IF the monster just stands there doing no further damage it would make sense if some of the damage done would grow back

Now the monster is under no pressure whatsover until the timer sets in to actually continuously do damage to the generator.

I think it is quite clearly visible that something is fishy with the endgame and I’m not even good at noticing such things but the monster dragging it out is just so common and so obvious and so annoying that i see in it a potential game breaker in the long run and the final turn-off for players already frustrated


If the hunters can prevent the monster from doing damage, it’s either going to keep the matches drawn out or result in automatic wins for the hunters.


Nah. Monster needs to be able to whittle it down. MAYBE I can see this if hunters can repair it (necessitating them being next to it), but even then it seems unnecessary. If it just auto-healed it would make it even easier for hunters to cockroach around and run down the timer.

That damage being permanent means that the last hunter standing has to make a choice between letting the monster bang on the relay and staying hidden to let the dropship come. Lots of hunters can evade for 30 seconds, not very many can evade for 1:30 - if relay damage wasn’t as meaningful there would never be a reason to stop the monster until either the relay was almost down or the dropship was almost back.


I’m not sure how having the reactor regain it’s health is going to stop the game dragging out :stuck_out_tongue:


okay another remedy could be that the countdown starts exactly when the monster deals the first blow to the generator and giving only very limited time until either the generator must get destroyed or the hunters win.

You see for example in counterstrike the end game mechanics are either Ts plant the bomb which puts CSs under pressure or CSs save hostages which puts Ts under pressure to either kill the hostages saviours or mow down everyone still standing incl hostages.

But there is no wriggle room for dragging out the game and I think there shouldnt be. The end game ahould be tight not a chore with you knowing that its not gonna change a thing coming in the dropship again the monster is just playing with you.


no thx, its fine the way it is :smile:


I dont think it entirely is because I had games when basically everBody knew it was game over and wave after wave of hunters got slaughtered until the countdown finally came on