About T5 Release


I don’t think we’ll be getting any form of spectacular release till E3. Think about it fer a sec, that’s pretty much their final chance to real in a new player base from a forced audience. How else do they hope to bring this game back from the brink?

What are yer thoughts on this fellas?


it would have to be a pretty ******* big DLC to announce it at E3 :scream:


I would be disappointed if they didn’t show off or at least tease the Tier 5 during E3. If they take longer than that then I’ll be rather heartbroken :cry:


I’m not sure it’ll be a biggie kind of thing.

Titanfall made a small debut the year after their game release, only talked a bit about cutsomization and new game modes, so I’m sure Evolve could do it too.

@Zwiebach1, who wouldn’t…


When is E3? I don’t keep up with it very well.

hoping its soon for a Tier 5 teaser


June 8th-ish


Ooooh, that’s fairly soon. Has Evolve had presence at previous E3 conventions? I’m so excited for tier 5.


Theyre in testing phase?!??! Is this common knowledge??? I had no idea they were that far into development.

hype hype hype


They’re in testing phase? Really?


…You heard nothing. >.>


I heard nothing, I only read what you typed!!! Where did you hear it? :flushed:


Where did I here what? >.>




…I don’t know w-what you’re talking about…I WAS DRUNK OKAY?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait… They’re in testing phase? For the whole Tier 5!!?


I never said that. >.>


I leave for like… TWO days and she starts stirring up trouble!

Way to go, Midnight!


It was a mistake! I never meant to tell them!


Mistake? You had to hit that Replay button, yes? O.o


Replay button? Wut?