About "Shipping" Threads and others Alike


Hello Community,

We have been receiving many complaints from members across the community that threads involving romantic and other similar fantasies between characters in Evolve are making people uncomfortable. After discussing the matter internally, it has been decided that these threads will be closed without question.

While we encourage everything from serious discussion all the way to fun and silly threads, these boards are intended to be family friendly. Threads that would hurt this image won’t be tolerated. We don’t like being strict like this, and we really hope it won’t have to happen often. This community has been awesome, and we want to make sure it stays that way.

While people are entitled to their own fantasies, this is not the place to publicly share the kind that make people feel uncomfortable. If that is what you are looking for, there are other websites out there that can suit your needs. Please respect your other forum goers and help keep discussions clean.

Thanks for your understanding!
~The Mod Team

EDIT from @DamJess: Just to be clear, theorizing about the lore of Evolve is welcome, in some cases this might include speculations on relationships. The problem here is really about when these “ships” turn into something uncomfortable and disrespectful to forum members/mods/admins.

Canon (Romantic) Relationships?
Bucket doesn't want you to know, but
Just how old?
What are your evolve headcanons?
Just a fun little thing
Canon (Romantic) Relationships?
Say Something Random 2
Abe & Caira Infinite Love Challenge Weekend COMPLETE! - Expect Skins around 2/11!
Abe & Caira Infinite Love Challenge Weekend COMPLETE! - Expect Skins around 2/11!

Goliath approves of this thread.


Thank you, sir


Thank you.

Sometimes I’m ashamed to be labeled a “gamer.”


Well it was fun while it lasted, however it is for the better if it made people uncomfortable. Goodbye shipping threads!


I learned that shipping got more than one meaning in English.
I’m not joking, you guys and gals have some really weird fantasies. I agree this decision is for the best.



Thank you! I can’t thank you enough that you officially announced this decision. Although you locked my thread, it’s better to let it drown under the sea.


At first, I thought the meaning of “shipping” was the crews boarding the ships which made me confused after reading what they wrote. After checking it, it all makes sense now.


The heck I had no idea shipping had another meaning. I literally thought someone was concerned about their copy of Evolve being shipped and I never bothered to check the thread.


Yeah, guys, English is hard :pensive:


I had no idea about the multiple meanings either…I saw the shipping thread mentioned a few times in other threads and was curious about how shipping concerns could have cause such a commotion,but then I actually read the thread and…good lord I didn’t expect what I found.


Yeah, well, it was bound to happen… It was just a silly thread anyways, now we can use it as an internal joke!



Well personally it didn’t upset me (although I understand why it could upset others) it was just…unexpected is all,some of it was still funny though.


Self moderation is hard.

At least the mods are trying to do something about the low quality of threads that have come about since the beta though.


i really thought val was a man fyi


I honestly didn’t know what the heck shipping was until yesterday. What ever floats your boat…ship


Were people making posts that went further then let’s say a middle school like relationship with the characters? (Holding hands, little peck kisses)


Nobody posted anything bad, just hinted towards what we meant.

Except for me stating that I saw a pic that haunts my dreams.


somebody posted rule34 val on my thread, Lol.