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Up until yesterday I never realized how bad pub teams can be as that’s what I play on and have had some success playing with randoms. As someone who would only play as hunter online I decided to give monster a shot in an online game to see what would happen. I played as a Wraith with stamina recharge(I heard what Jack can do to Wraith with a repulsion field). I was up against two silver players who were obviously together in a party(exact same badge, same rank, joined at the same time) and two people without ranks. They picked Laz, Hank, Markov, and Maggie and got absolutely destroyed(bear in mind that this is my first online game as a monster). What I think lead to their downfall was a lack of communication between teammates and teammates not doing their jobs. The trapper was miles ahead of everyone else and did get a great dome when I just finished evolving to S2 but that doesn’t help when you’re the only one in the dome. The trapper also did nothing in terms of CC and used the primary almost exclusively the entire match. The support had a similar issue where he/she barely used the shield projector. And the assault picked Markov which doesn’t help at all either. The medic was excellent but once I found him/her there was nothing he/she could do because of a lack of help from teammates and I wound up getting two strikes on the medic and then killing him/her and then strikes on everyone except for the support who ran away when everyone was downed. As someone who’s only ever played in pubs as a hunter, seeing how easy it was to win took me by surprise. Is this always the case with pubs or a common occurance or did I just get lucky?

Yeah its been this way since the game came out. Pubs will always have a good chance of being this way in a game like evolve. I will say with Hunt 2.0 and the new ranking system I have found a lot of new teammates that are very good, so It has gotten better. at least for me.

Are you saying Markov is bad? I would fight this statement. I think Markov is still a very good assault, and I really love his mines. He isn’t as good as when the game first came out, but I still think he is top 3 assaults.

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Markov definitely gets outshone by the other assaults and his mines get handicapped by the bright red glow around them that shows their detonation radius to the monster. I’m not saying he’s awful but he’s not on par with the other assaults by any stretch.

And for someone to play their first online game as a monster and demolish a team Ike that is ridiculous. I can see why hunters get buffed so much seeing as how crippling some pub teammates can be(like the previously mentioned Hank).

Mines should blink every couple of seconds.

This is very common. I am NOT a very good monster. However since the patch you can tear through pubs like tissue paper. The damage buff at Stage 1 is enough that I NEVER run around if domed. PRE-made teams are really the ONLY threat to monsters any more. Monsters are truely monsters now.

Mines take finesse to use properly. And good judgment as well as a sharp eye.

theres always that one pub that will run off by itself and get caught and killed them blame the team for not being there or the healer for not healing. oddly enough it usually a trapper. occasionally i see assaults do it.
its depressing how few people use mics and even more so how many use it for team communication instead complaining.

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Pubs are dead in the water.

Play a premade, you’ll know the difference instantly.

Markov and bucket can be an effective team sometimes, lot of area denial

I’m well aware that premades are a force to be reckoned with but for someone who only plays hunter online and then gets a win as a monster on their first game against a pub team doesn’t seem right. I’m assuming that most pub games go that way?

Yes, yes they do. Pubs are extremely uncoordinated at what they do.

Think of a bunch of dogs trying to get food, they could all collectively work together to get the food, instead they all try their own way of getting the food. In the end, no one gets the food because they never cooperated, they all lose their chance to get the food.

I think people over exaggerate this far too much, I win half the time as hunter


who outshines Markov maybe other then Hyde? I mean you could fight maybe Torvald, but I would take a Markov over Lennox and Parnell. The mines glow red but its all about how you place them. they do a lot of damage, and are really good for area denial they can save your team.

I wouldn’t say its ridiculous. I mean its 1 vs 4, and you have never played monster, but you understand how to play. On the hunters side just one bad player can make a whole team look bad.

I do, too. My score and rank goes up and few, then back down a few.

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From my experience, most of the games you play with completely random queue will yield mostly inexperienced and a few just really plain bad players. Occasionally you will come across one or two good players that aren’t using a mic and clearly just want to play, premade or not.

Regardless, what i have just described is not consistent enough to ever hope to establish a decent rank using pure pub matches. Best case scenario, is you encounter one or two good players that actually bother to communicate, add them, and then slowly build your own premades with a growing friends list.

End result ideally is adding lots of people, that all play evolve and you know personally are decent at the game, so that you can always find people to group with whenever you want to play.

However, be warned. If you continuously rely on pure pub matchmaking queues, you will eventually be found wandering the streets aimless and soulless, with your own eyeballs clawed out, repeating over and over such ominous words and phrases as; “Oh god no, why revive when we have Lazarus? No, Christ no, watch that tyrant ffs! Come on, stop killing wildlife for no reason! Wait no, oh please NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, sweet baby Jesus, why are you 150m from the team and all alone getting John Rambo stealth pounced??? AAAiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…”

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I’m poor monster myself but when you get finally domed at stage 3 and they capture u with three of them (cause fourth is already dead)… Laz is reviving without glove, assault dpsing with minigun on close range or not dpsing at all, Hank just stares at you when two other teammates are downed and he didnt even use cloak when focused…

Could always add hunters you play AGAINST, and were a good match for you?