About one of the graffitti and its meaning


Like how you could never wash the Nazi off of the swastika, even though it existed long before the Nazis and had no evil connotations until they used it.


What about Valve? You know their games and themes.

I see, thanks for clarifying it!


Their themes of alien incursion, science gone wrong, sassy robots, puzzle solving and mercenaries getting blown up? I genuinely don’t even begin to understand how anyone can think of Valve as having any kind of religious or non-religious agenda.

I can only assume that the scene from Half Life 2 with Ravenholm has left an impression with your friend, yet that’s another example of what we talk about above… the people and places in the world representing the reality the fiction has created.


Don’t forget the Dota Card game. Thats just plain evil :stuck_out_tongue:


Resourceful individuals surviving in the face of existential science fiction threats to humanity? That’s the common theme I think of in the Valve games I’ve played (entire Half-Life series, Portal 1 & 2, and bits of Left 4 Dead 1 & 2).


Dota 2 has Lucifer with a description that is literry the devil’s backstory.

Team Fortress 2 has the number 666 in almost everything halloween related from maps to items etc.


Halloween costumes and decorations are typically modeled after the supernatural, it isn’t really that surprising.

As for Dota 2 there are many mythical characters, singling out 1 of 115 isn’t an indication of religious bias one way or the other.


They also have Santa hats and fairy lights on everything to do with Christmas :wink:


Valve developing next DOOM game confirmed.