About one of the graffitti and its meaning


May I add:

  1. After you’ve worked in the game industry for a decade or more, on who knows how many projects, you start to be unable to remember things you did 6 months ago, let alone 10 years ago. Speaking from experience. Comment your code, programmers, for yourself if for no other reason.


I just wanna read @SlabOMeat 's response on the matter…

Who made the voice lines for the characters?


He’s responded. I’m not sure what else you’re expecting.


Dates, interviews, a detailed report, and pictures of SlabOMeat personally working on the game at the time.

/thinly veiled sarcasm.


@matthew any insight you can share?


not trying to sound like a dick but does it really still matter no offense mountain I love you


I just want to know who wrote the dialogue for the game, not so much who voiced the characters but the actual lines, that’s what I asked @SlabOMeat and you guys. Was it you or Valve employees?



I sincerely doubt it was the producer of the game who wrote the character speci- wait, why aren’t you just looking at the game credits!? It should literally list the names of the writers there!

@RaggityMan I’m stealing that gif.


You would think so, but the credits of Valve games usually just consist of an alphabetized flat list of names, with no indication of who does what. At least, that’s how I remember it from the ones I’ve completed.

Edit: Yeah, YouTube videos and MobyGames confirm that was true for L4D as well.


The thing is, nobody knows. You already asked Phil and he told you everything that he could.


Wait, seriously? That’s kind of shitty.


Very egalitarian though. Says “we are a team”. Annoying for people who want to know things though, and somewhat defeats the purpose of credits. :smile:


That’s very un-credit-y.




That would be Chet Falizek and Eric Wolpaw.


I imagine the script was a lot like this:

And of course Francis hating everything :slight_smile:


@SlabOMeat Does that include the one-liners and comments from the characters about some graffitti and so on? Like for example when one of the character sees a graffitti and drops a line? Are those written by those people too?




Why do you ask? Sometimes it’s better to be up front with what it is you’re trying to understand rather than all a lot of little questions that, without context, might not be usefully answered.