About one of the graffitti and its meaning


I see…

I’m asking all this because I had a theory that the green flu might actually have a supernatural origin as hinted by the comic (the infected seeing other people as demons) and all the religious themed graffitti, as @SlabOMeat stated here some might have thought so.



In a sense it was the end of days. For religious and non-religious, it’s not a stretch if it answers the questions of Why and How.



That doesn’t explain if the virus is supernatural… Is it?



They won’t tell you that, it would take away from the mythos.



Heh. Loooong time ago dude.



The origin of the virus is purposely vague, and full of conflicting theories. Explaining it out would ruin the mystery…like trying to explain how The Force works in Star Wars, no matter what you say, it just sounds stupid. It’s up to the player to decide what they believe, much more fun that way.




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@SlabOMeat Sorry it took so long to reply! You sure you don’t remember who made the 3 “God is dead” graffitti in Dead Air? The characters in the game have lines associated with them so I thought that maybe Valve employees made them if they worked on the lines?



@SlabOMeat Nothing? :frowning:



I’m not sure what more he can tell you. That was over a decade ago (development wise) and Valve may have made adjustments beyond the character models after TRS.



I’m sure!

We made a lot of graffiti for that game.

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@SlabOMeat Do you remember then who made the voice lines for the game? Since 2 characters have lines associated with that particular graffiti and I was wondering if Valve made them or you guys?



Left 4 Dead

Just check the cast list. Or try reaching out to Valve. They may have the information you need.



I am curious what your obsession with this baphomet imagery is. I don’t think it’s healthy for you. If you want to use the image for something you’d have to contact the copyright holders which would be Valve.





…oh my yikes…



I think that there are a couple of things you have to understand in the gaming industry:

  1. Not everything is made by the same development team/studio.
  • For example, Borderlands 1 has a DLC called New Robot Revolution and is a DLC that was made by Gearbox and and an external development studio called DarkSide Games. However, DarkSide was more involved in the development process than Gearbox was.
  • Another example is with Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, primarily developed by 2K’s own in-house dev studio called 2K Australia, in collaboration with Gearbox. So even though Gearbox is mentioned, 2K Australia is to be considered the main developers for the game.
  1. Sometimes a development studio is so large, you don’t even know who makes what.
  • This is something Ken Levine mentioned during an interview on the development of Bioshock Infinite. He stated that at some point, the team was so big, he would come in and just not recognize a lot of the people he would see.

Interview in question: http://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/features/inside-bioshock-video-game-series-with-ken-levine-w439921

Quote in question:

Managing 30 or 40 people where you know everybody’s name is a very different process than managing 150 people. You walk by people in the studio and you don’t know who they are.

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That site has incorrect info, Marc Laidlaw didn’t work on the game…

I’m not obsessed with the graffiti I’m just curious how much of the game was made by you guys and how much by Valve.

The God is Dead one is somewhat controvertial and I was wondering who put it in the game in the first place and since it has some voice lines associated with it I wanted to know if Valve made it or you… That’s why I asked @SlabOMeat since he worked on it.



Have you tried reaching out to Valve? If so, what did they say?



It’s blatantly obvious as to why someone would write “God Is Dead” on a wall in the middle of a crazy ass zombie apocalypse, but it’s pretty weird how extreme of lengths you are going to to understand it.

Say you are stuck in a zombie apocalypse, and I don’t mean a “normal” one. I mean a crazy ass one with super zombies and ones that run. Would it not be a logical conclusion that the still living religious individuals would begin to question their faith? It was obviously just meant as a bit of flavor to the world, not some sort of controversial political statement being pushed by the game or one of the member’s of it’s development team.

There is no need to read into it.