About one of the graffitti and its meaning


I know the game has plenty of graffitti but this one caught my interest, what is it’s meaning? The L4D wiki says it’s a refference to the illuminati but it seems to be satanic more than anything? Can someone explain I’m interested to know the inspiration behind it.


Hmmmm, good question.

Maybe @MacMan, @SlabOMeat might know.


Do you know who designed the graffitti?


The people I mentioned are co-founders of TurtleRock Studios and creators of Left 4 Dead. I suppose they might have an idea or can at least send you in the right direction.


I see, hope they reply soon then :grinning:


MacMan haven’t replied since 3 month and SlabOMeat since a week, so I think we can forget for MacMan…he’s not gonna reply.


Boooo. I’m still around. I don’t remember that poster though. The guys up at Valve came up with most of the safe room graffiti so it’s very possible that we didn’t make it.


Lol Chris comin in with the clean “Actually I’m still here”. Get told :laughing:


My thinking here was that someone may have taken the position that the zombie apocalypse was some sort of demonic invasion led by Lucifer himself! It’s human nature to try and find an explanation for just about everything, imagine all the crazy theories that folks would come up with if rabid zombies started taking over the world.


The illuminati IS satanic. Luciferian to be precise, as Satan’s original Heavenly name was Lucifer before his fall. This image is the statue of David with its head replaced by Baphomet, the male/female goat-headed representation of Lucifer. In the last days referred to of in the Bible (the Tribulation period) Lucifer is cast down from Heaven fully and takes his fallen angels with him. His wrath brings chaos, war, and death to the Earth for a limited time until Jesus returns during His Second Coming, destroying them all with the power of His voice.


Zombies are satan’s spawn,so now the only survivors needs to become the ultimate demon killers:Doomguy,Dante,Bayonetta and Kratos,only in their full power they can face the ultimate Demon God and the Anti-Christ.


Thank you for the info @SlabOMeat but I didn’t understand if you made the graffitti or someone else from Valve?


It could be the god that everyone thinks is satan, but really isn’t.


I made that one.


Thanks for info! Did you also make the “God is dead” ones? I was wondering what their meaning was exactly as well…


This is just like the foreshadowing in A Christmas Story. Right before Ralphie gets all pent up and beats up the bully, the camera passes a sign that is advertising ORANGE CRUSH… everything in everything has some reason to be there ^.^

Scott Farcus vs Ralphie
look over Ralphs Shoulder… and yes, that was 100 percent deliberate or I have way to many wrong essays for critical thinking.


Maybe, I made a lot of them, but not all of them.


Well you can find the graffitti saying “God is dead” in 3 places in Dead Air, do you remember if you made them? In the last one you can see someone dead with a gun on the ground which suggest he might have killed himself…


@SlabOMeat You really don’t remember if you made them?


Development started about 12 years ago and didn’t release until 3 years afterwards. I’m sure there were a lot of assets that were created and never used. Plus Valve changed things after they acquired the IP.