About founder pack



i have this game since the last year. How i get the monsters and hunters (i only have wraith)


Goliath has to be unlocked via the tutorial, same with Markov. Not sure why you wouldn’t have Kraken yet though.


Under your Downloadable Content, do you have everything check marked?
Including something that should say Evolve Founder?


i dont know. Where i can find that?
Sorry for my english.


This whole founder pack is a little bit messy.

So after 500+ hours i need to unlock those new perks?What happened to my badges/elite skins/levels etc.

And why is my level reset.I went in for a game and my opponets had 4 and 5 hours of Evolve playtime.Even tho i haven’t played for so long that didn’t stop me from killing them Stage 1 easily.I’m pretty sure they won’t remember this game as fun experience.

Also: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/4rzp4x/this_is_how_turtle_rock_has_treated_the_few/?sort=confidence

And this subreddit is kinda huge.Its a shame to have negative impact there.


The legacy progression system is not the same as the Stage 2 progression system. So it can’t carry over. Neither can skins or badges.

But being a founder means you don’t have to unlock characters that you already paid for and you get a purse of Keys and special animated badges with more yet to come.


Doesn’t change the fact that “founders” are being treated poorly.Ok progression system can’t.I mean levels.Badges can’t?Skins can’t?

I need to play the tutorial to get Goliath?Wtf


Will gold skins come back?


Check on your library, click evolve stage 2 and bam.


I’m a founder on two systems and I don’t feel I’m being treated poorly. Our playerbase has exceeded launch day numbers. How can that be a bad thing?


Skins do carry over, any content purchase or won/earned from challenges do.

Badges don’t carry over because they were earned from the old progression system that isn’t compatible with the new one.

Everything got simply by paying for the game you should still have, if you don’t something is wrong.


Sorry but i dont see that


I think it’s a good thing that you have to play the tutorials in order to unlock Goliath and Markov. This forces new and old players to learn how to adapt to the major changes of the game and gives you time to adjust. Not to mention the tutorials are a lot more informative now and have been made shorter :wink:


Ermmm no.If need to “adapt” i’ll do it myself not by the game forcing me.At least us who have been here before the F2P.

And the new leveling system as i said above.Its cool.But you find it good that lets say the Top monster with 1000 hours will be leveling while facing people with 5h played?I mean yeah for him it could be fun and practice for new stuff.But for the 4 NEW players who want to learn the game and see if its worth to play?Nah.

There are so many things wrong with this new update.And many more great ofc.

So that’s it?Only what i payed?What about the hundreads of hours to get the elite skins,masteries,badges?Because they don’t cost money they are not worth of anything?

Yeah yeah new leveling bla bla.Leveling system has NOTHING to do with the badges and the skins.The new leveling could be implented without deleting the stuff we have unlocked.Those are different things.


Im idiot xD. I have 2 steam account and the game is in the other


My exact same thought…
When I first started the new version and then saw that all the badges and the elite skins were gone I was pretty pissed. I have put very much time in this game to unlock everything and get everything on elite and now I need to do it all again? I neither have time nor enthusiasm to do that…

And about the “Founder Pack”… I literally had everything (except the badge and the background) in this pack so for me it didn’t mean anything because I would hav had the things anyway…

And for all the people that are wanting a refund or something: for me it isn’t the money I spent on this game but the amount of time I put in it (which are over 450 hours) and getting something like this


Oh don’t start about the money.

If i’m not mistaken everyone who owns evolve gets everything right?

What about us who payed the PCMR?

But as you said for me its not the money.I payed 80 euros for this game and i made smthing like 100 from tournaments.So i’m gucci.

But i’m speaking about the others who don’t see it like this and the negative impact it will have like i already posted.(reddit link).


Wrong, you only get the characters and skins you already owned, people who bought PCMR get all the characters except for Behemoth (unless they acquired him separately).

Anyone who only bought the base game only gets the first three tiers. Big difference right there.


Good to know thats something for the PCMR people bad for the others still.

Dunno this founder pack is kinda…messy.


Not sure what is messy or confusing.

You get


3,000 k