About evolve release


I know there is no set launch date for Evolve ATM, but do you guys already have a private date you guys are secretly shooting for? I’d also like to know about how confident you guys are for making the fall release. Just looking at how Watch Dogs lost a lot of hype after giving a release date too soon and being delayed. I know things happen unexpectedly but do guys feel like you’re really cramming and running out of time or are you guys feeling right on track?


i went to gamestop here in sweden and they said the realees date is 27 oct well atleast here in eu it might be difrent in the other countreys


Thanks for the heads up, even though Gamestop has been known to hand out unconfirmed release dates (looking at you dying light), it’s still nice to hear an approximate date


There’s also a release date by ASDA that says Evolve is to be released on September 9th. But it’s barely reliable since there’s been no official word on it. I have a feeling we might be getting a release date at E3 this June though, keeping hopes high for that!


Well I’ll just hope for 09/09 then. The sooner the better lol


Well unless they have to delay the game for x amount of reasons


Let’s pray that doesn’t happen


Agreed, don’t jinx it brannomo


here in sweden at gamestop the realess date for evolve is 27 oct


@SlabOMeat Can you confirm if these are just guesses on these companies parts or if a release date has been leaked for certain countries?


I doubt anyone from Turtle Rock is gonna speculate on rumours at the minute, but I imagine most of them are just approximate


We don’t have the exact date for you yet, but we’re confident about the announced fall release. Can’t really say much more than that right now. :smiley:


So are you tell us more information at the E3?


You’re killing me! Although as long as it hasn’t been announced, I can hope for a pre-November release date. September or early October would be awesome.

Just hate having to wait for “holiday” releases, they always seem to take so long to arrive and I personally am always really busy with the holiday stuff and whatnot.


Hahah! Sorry man. We’ll have more info soon. Stay tuned! :markov:


2K says October 21st. My calendar is marked. That’s a week after Batman, and what would usually be a week before one of EA’s big shooters, were it not for Battlefield 4 coming out last year and Titanfall earlier this year. Good release window.