About behemoth gold skin


Just a quick question for all the evolve players, I have heard about the behemoth gold skin and how they are making it. But what I want to know is who will be able to get it? Just people who pre ordered the game? Bought him before a certain point, or will it be like an event. Like to voodoo skins? If you know please tell me in the comments :smile:


It will probably be a community event like the other gold skins.


I wonder if it will be given to only the people who got the original gold skins


I hope they give them out. As tacky as they are, I like seeing the gold skins around. I was honestly expecting them to have an event for them within the first couple weeks after the DLC dropped - the original gold skins were sort of an early adopter’s prize, it would make sense for the rest to be as well.


Ok cool, thanks guys


Doubt it. I’m sure everyone will get a chance.


I believe its going to stay a TRS exclusive, but iunno, I’m hoping I get a chance at it, I’d love to be a giant golden nugget ^.-


In one of the streams didnt someone say that the behemoth gold skin was staying with trs?


MajorLeeHyper told me it was a TRS exclusive at the moment, so maybe it’ll be given out, maybe not.


Source? Where did you get this from?


Devs have said there’s a golden Bob skin. In streams, I think here too, and I’ve heard it while playing with them.


TRS? Wats that lol.


Turtle Rock Studios = devs who made the game


tourist refund scheme


We’re on the TRS forums discussing a game by TRS and you ask what TRS is?

Kay. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh that’s what it means, I didn’t know the whole time I’ve been on this forum. It’s been like months


Lol, it’s just I never heard someone refer to it as TRS.


It’s already made… Why are you askin’ for the source. I thought you, of all people, would already know lol


I meant who said it so I can check the post myself. That’s what I mean by the source of the information.


Ok. Just was surprised and confused n’ stuff