About Behemoth and PS4 store


Hello everyone it’s been a while since i posted something here lol i didn’t want to bother you all.

So i was on vacation on the past week meanwhile the update happened and since i bought the game for PS4 with the hunting season pass i already have all the new hunters.

My question is just about Behemoth, i know that it wasn’t included with the hunting season pass so i wonder if i buy it on PS store i have to do something to install it into the game?

Thank you all for any future help :slight_smile: happy hunting


No you wonth have to install the whole behemoth character because thats included in the update. the only thing you need to install is the license that says you bought it this will be around 10mb i think


Once you buy it on the ps store you should be able to download it, if you downloaded the update that came when they released


Thanks guys i really appreciate that