Abomination monster idea (with Artwork)


Hello guys

I played the beta evolve and under the impression created my monster, meet the abomination)

Here concept art

this is just a rough sketch made for one evening, we all know that the final version of the characters become more beautiful and more original, but it’s just fan art in this form it is and will remain)

Now the monster:
Abomination is overflowing with venom and acid giant alien centipede, the embodiment of all that insects disgust and fear in humans.

Skills and tactics:
Abomination is not as big and strong as Goliath, or Behemoth, and its ability aimed at weakening and disorientation of hunters, so it is an analogue of Wraith.

Abomination can not jump, fly or teleport, instead it has the ability to sprint for a few seconds increasing movement speed by several times, it almost does not slow down even climbing a vertical wall

Abomination spits viscous caustic saliva which spreads along the ground in the middle area and slowing down and injuring anyone caught in it, hunters who got saliva briefly blinded and can not use jump packs. Works simultaneously as blind and frag grenade.

Abomination releases cloud of spores from under the shell, which acts as a smokescreen blocking the view. Cloud also shoot down missiles approaching it from the outside and reduces damage to the monster while it is in the cloud.

Abomination is dug into the ground and after a few seconds jumps elsewhere injuring and scatters hunters, similar to Goliath leap but only under the ground. (This ability is questionable, and can be remaked)

Abomination can swallow small prey whole and slowly digest it continuing to fight or run away, swallowed victim takes damage while recovering abominations armor and increases its biomass for evolution, can be used simultaneously with the usual feeding for speeding armor and weight gaining, can be swallow a hunter to exclude him from the battle, inflict damage to him and gain additional healing from him, but an abomination can not fully digest hunter and vomits it after a while, fully digested victim gives the same amount of armor and biomass as well as during normal feeding, and it would be fun if swallowed hunters cand shoot a pistol and can use some ability :slight_smile:

These abilitys can be combined in the attack or retreat, for example, before the attack on the hunters monster can pre-swallow a beetle or a bird to be treated during the fight, then slow hunters by spit, immediately break out of the ground causing damage to them, then release a cloud of spores and fight with hunters until the end of the treatment effect and armor buff, then swallow one of the hunters and escape, blocking pursuers path with acid puddle, and confuses them with another cloud of spores, then in a safe place vomit swallowed hunter and finish him

here is a monster, what do you think?


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