Abnormal statistics!


When you start to ban cheaters?
235 : 0 needs no comment …

@Peto the great forum member and fair player... or cheater

Not abnormal…


235 K/D player KING (Goliath) is OK ?


Oh, i thought that was deaths… And we all know King is a cheater.


That particular player actually uses an exploit to have no losses recorded.

He quits whenever he knows he’s losing the game. It’ll be fixed when we actually get a proper ladder.


There are people on xbox one with over 300 wins, probably over 400 now and no deaths. Its because you can quit the match and not get a loss on your record. Right now the leaders only measure who has the most time to play the game so I wouldn’t worry about it right now until they release the more competitive boards.


amazes me that the Player has no ban. Why is this not resolve?


You can’t ban people for quitting games


There is no reason to ban them for using the leave game mechanic.


This mechanism allows to cheat in statistics? Really stupid …
should be reset stats, and change the quit mechanism
Each quit should be punished ban for at least 1 hour /1 day etc…


Hopefully TRS will fix the leaderboards so they are competitive and reset everyone.

The leaderboards are just a joke right now.


so when I know that I did not win just leave a connect to the new game that is really nonsense.


Some games have done this in the past and it kills the player base very fast. What if I have a legitimate reason for leaving the game. Real life takes priority over this game and sometimes I have to quit the middle of a match because of something happening in real life such as getting called into work or a screaming child etc.

The devs have said they are going to implement a competitive leaderboard in the future that takes into account more stats than the current one which only measures the number of wins.


It is an argument …
Good players sometimes just needs LEAVE game.
But 235: 0? This is intentionally leave. because it wants to have such statistics.
This is not normal !!!


since when have leaderboards ever been competitive…

chillax. try out new stuff. and when ranked comes out put ur big boi pants on cuz its going to be intense!

i suspect a role selector so you get nothing but what you want to play. longer wait times sure but no one wants to be stuck in the wrong role.


ive played king today with a rnd pub he was good but nothing special he beat us 3 times and the last time he would have lost he just alt+f4’d


Exactly, they are just indicators on who can play 8-10+ hours a day.