Ability to ping deployables


The icons for pinging was a terrific idea. Very helpful as a hunter but I think TRS should include an icon for deployables. This’ll help hunters know where teleporters are healing buoys, mines, shield drones, etc. I know the icons appear on screen but in the heat of a battle it’s easy to forget or lose where they are. A hunter can spam ping to notify a teammate of its location.


Those are flippin hard to ping.

Kinda like trying to ping a spotter!


Nuh uh. It can’t be harder any than trying to ping a moving monster 150 meters away lol. It’ll help alot when playing with pubs.


I wish you could ping individual hunters on your team, so you could tell that pub medic that the support needs heals.


That’ll be cool. And the class emblem pops up. I wish you can ping individual pixels and each pixel has its own icon


I’d rather get icons placed above each deploayble like the teleporters have.


I think it would be better if there was a better visual representation of where the employable are, especially EMET ones similar to how you locate your team on your hud.


God please, so much this.

If I could just get 4 commands in the game that say,

“Cloak me!”

“Heal me!”

“Shield me!”

“Follow me!”

I’d be golden. I’m so sick of shooting the medic/support/trapper till they realize their being stupid. Cause those are the same guy who get all pissed when unplug in your Mic like “Do your job, bro”


genius idea

Like Battlefield 4 command . That could work in pubs pretty well . I hope they do it . In LS 3

Cloak me!". <<

“Heal me!”. >>

“Shield me!” ^^

“Follow me!” ^^ Down

Back to the topic :

It’s a good idea . But I think it will be too complicated to work

How many wildlife /deployables . Each one has a different ping



As far as deployables go wouldn’t the standard Yellow Dot be good enough?

And as far as the “Heal me!” thing goes I think our characters should be asking for heals automatically when Medic is in range and they are hurt and they are not in combat with the Monster.

The normal “Need some healing over 'ere!” from Hyde as he’s being pummeled would still work.

Maybe even add in a thing for the Medic who thinks to themselves “Hmm… I’m hurt and my burst is ready… maybe I should use it?”

I get so sick of telling my random Medics to heal themselves when it should be a dead giveaway when their health bar is flashing red…


Instead of pinging, I think it’d be better to just have them all have floating symbols above them like Emet’s healing buoys and Kala’s teleporters. It wouldn’t even have to be unique, they could just have the class icon floating above it.


Deploayables appear at the mini map. Just want some pings to tell bots what they should do (stay, follow, help, shoot).


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