Ability to issue commands to ai in Solo Modes


With the multiplayer mode where every hunter on the team is working together tactically (playing defensively, splitting up, etc), I do not find that similar experience when playing the solo mode. It would be great if the player in solo mode would be able to issue simple commands so as to alter the ai partner’s behaviour as the hunters have to play differently along with the different modes offered. Eg. Hunt, Nest would require more offensive style while rescue and defend require more defensive style.

Some simple commands in mind, can use the voicechat command in multiplayer mode:

  1. Scout: Split up into pairs to explore and cover a wider area. (Bunker UAV/Cabot Dust Tag, Abe Track Dart random wildlife)
  2. Defend: Bunker down and defend an area. (Place mines/sentry bots)
  3. Engage: Go all out for damage.
  4. Fall Back: Disengage/Retreat and heal.

On the side note, AI hunters are not actively using abilities of the characters, eg. Bunker UAV, Abe Track Dart when trying to track down the monster, would be better if they would do so if the monster is not within sight.