Ability to hang on cliff walls as the monster


As of the last time I played the game, you automatically climbed the cliffs by hitting a button. Basically, you have a choice to climb all the way up, or let go and drop at some point during your climb.

I would like to see the climb button work more like regular movement. What I mean is, while you can still only move UP or DOWN, not LEFT or RIGHT, you can climb part way up a cliff and stop and stay there clinging to the wall and choose when to move up or down the cliff when you want. More like spider-man or aliens if you will.

I think this would help with surprise attacks from the cliff both climbing up and dropping down.


I recall someone having the same suggestion weeks ago! At that time people weren’t very supportive of the idea for some reason I can’t remember … but anyways I think it opens up to more creative aways to hunt down the hunters! I agree with it.


This would be realy cool, only problem would be that most the rocks and walls are short or not even climbable.


I recall the Devs talking about this and saying that it was harder to implement than you might think and so they either scrapped it or put it on the back burner. Would be cool to have a Monster use it as a movement ability possibly in the future.


If that is correct, then that would make a lot of sense as why it is not in the game. They are doing such amazing stuff anyway that it does not break the game in any way, but ya, I agree, it would be an amazing monster feature if they ever get around to it.


I would love for some monster that can leap pounce from wall to wall like an Alien from the AvP games. That would be trippy :slight_smile:


I guess it would require too much work, as it would imply a better recognition of each wall and shape of the surface, meaning a lot more animations to create. In addition, I think an “automatized model adaptation” to the said surface would lead to unrealistic movements from the monster, which could create an artificial feel, and thus a less immersive experience.

Turtle Rock stated that they really want their monsters to be credible and feel powerful, with their weight and strenghts, I think tweaking the monsters to this extent is maybe something a bit out of our time for now, it would imply too much work for minimal effect.


^This. Had to do with traversal animations and some other things I believe.

While it would be very cool, I’m 100% okay with not having it. UP is good enough for me :slight_smile:


Cool idea, yes.
Essential to the gameplay, not exactly.
I think as the tech develops it might become easier to implement, but as is, I don’t see a dire need for something like it, and if it’s too much work at this point in time, then I have no reason to complain. :stuck_out_tongue: the current climb system isnt bad in any way either, imo. Worst case scenario, just cancel and reactivate climb. I’ll be that looks hilarious. <3
Would be really cool, mechanically, though.


It may require more work than they want to put into it. But nowhere near as complicated as you are making it. The surface shape would not matter at all. As you can already climb the walls now, you just cannot stop in the middle of the climb and wait. As far as the animations go, the animation is the same climbing animation as it already uses and it just cycles over and over depending on how far up you climb. The animation can just pause, and then continue, this would not require new animations, maybe a few additional modification of current animations, but not entirely new ones by any means.

However, there would be work required obviously since it is not in the game right now. If that is only a small project that is on the back burner or if its a larger project that is not worth the time at all is not something we know for sure.

As I have said, it is by no means a game-breaker, but would add to the gameplay in many ways IMO. And even without this, I will still buy, play and love the game.

Give all monsters Gorgon's wall-stick and wall pounces. :D

I am a fan and supporter of this idea. It’s not currently planned, but not out of the question either.

Give all monsters Gorgon's wall-stick and wall pounces. :D

Well, if that doesn’t imply as much work as I thought its fine, even if, to me, some of the animations were a bit strange on some surfaces already, and I’d better see clear nice animations without any potential glitch.

When I say that, It’s mostly because I really don’t want to see the monster hanging on a cliff with his feet appearing like touching an invisible wall, seeming like he’s hanging on a straight edge wall, I guess you know what I’m talking about, but after thinking about it, its a monster, so you can also add some “monster-ish” hang-cliffs animations that wouldn’t imply that much work in the end.

I’m fine with that too, and it would be really nice to throw an abduction from a cliff or even a leap smash, but yeah its not a priority in any way. But would that involve hunters being able to hang on cliff walls too it might be a bit abusive, jetpacks shouldn’t recharge while hanging then.

Cliff hanging might be a huge advantage for Wraith I guess, you could hang in the right spot, unseen from the hunters to land a clean strike, obviously it would mean great knowledge of the map to land these sweet plays in action.

Maybe some maps could have some wall trees or grass where you can hide, hanging on the wall… would add some hiding spots :stuck_out_tongue:

@SlabOMeat When you’re saying its not out of the question, I assume it implies you’re not the only one wanting this. Could it be added in upcoming patchnotes, at least for the monsters only ? Let’s say, within the year of release or so, not as an immediate patch of course.