Ability to Disable Particle Effects Completely



I’m running this game on sub par hardware, and everything runs perfect for me I can really enjoy the game…except a couple of things which literally drop my FPS to 5.

There is a specific hunter that has a red fire particle effect that wraps around the monster. This particle effect is one of the worst things to affect my PC in about 3 years. I am wondering if there is any way I can disable this affect completely. I know my monster is taking damage, I really don’t want my FPS to drop to 5 so that the red fire lets me know.

Just a suggestion. Some games have a config file where you can lower the settings even lower than the in game options menu allows. I also believe this might help appeal to a larger audience who may not have the hardware to run the game and may suffer from the same FPS drops as I do.

Another affect that drops my FPS significantly are the red damage auras I think it’s Quantum Caira that drops those.

Basically wanted to mention this and see if perhaps I don’t have to entirely quit the game due to not having the best specs.