Ability Skins


We’ve had Full Body Monster skins, Hunter Weapon skins, and now we have Full Body Hunter skins.

Notice anything missing?

Monster Weapon Skins!

Or abilities.

Imagine the possibilities!

Gold Lighting Sttikes! Green Fire! Pink Tongue Grabs!


:smiley: So cool!


I’d love rainbow acid spit for Gorgon.

Or fireworks lightning strike for Kraken.


I just had this thought today while taking a dump. Not that you needed to know that, but I digress. The only problem is that the possibilities are rather limited. You can ONLY have things be a certain color; whereas with full-body and weapon skins, you can manipulate patters so that, even if two skins use the same colors, they can still be rather different.


Why not just make it so the particles change with the skin chosen?

Nevertheless changing particles is much more tedious than changing textures.


… and the pool of acid is instead a pool of golden coins and gorgon is dressed like a leprechaun and wears a hat.
You sir definetely made my day.


I don’t think it’s impossible, it’s just more work than repainting cloth and hair texture maps.
Not to mention you’d need new programming for that and to create a new section in the menus and all the UI that goes into it. Probably videos to display the changes on each Monster ability when previewing them in the UI, too.

I really like the idea though! It could be a nice addition down the road.


That’s not the biggest problem if we consider carefully the situation… the biggest problem with customized vfx abilities is gameplay clarity.


True, if this was something it would need to be pretty limited. I doubt we’d get rainbow anything like someone said above.

Plus, then you have to think, would Meteor Goliath be locked at blue? That’s kind of his thing.


Idk… if you actually consider all monsters, there isn’t a signature colour for each of them… it’s more likely the other elements like sounds and shape that make them unique. So if i get to see an Archimonde power filled meteor goliath with green flames i would say, well he is still meaty for me because of his horns.