Ability Hank , Domo and Gameplay



I have some opinions about the game we wanted to put here:

First : The ability of the missile Hank is very weak , it is hard to still hit with the slowness that is to fall , it is very difficult to hit.

Second: The idea of ​​all hunters have the game is very cool , only one of the graces of the game in my opinion, was to play the trap and see it capture the monster, gives great satisfaction , so I think all hunters should have the dome weapon .

Third : I slow characters is even more difficult to escape from the monsters , the jetpack hardly carries even with the packs.

Fourth : The ability of the support is very weak , could trade for another coolest thing !

Thursday: The Dome fall to the monster run away I think until fair , only falling very fast , and sometimes missing only two life bars to kill, and he runs off and the game takes another 10 minutes to go , it is very boring.

Thanks for listening.