Ability balance


I am having a problem with over confidence with the cloaking. The monster can clearly still see the hunter when they are cloaked, I am not stupid, I know that when you attack the cloak goes down, but too often when I personal cloak and just run, the monster will chase me around corners and up cliffs, something has to be done about this. Either make it work like its name infers or rename it something that makes it sound like the monster can still see you if it looks closely.


verb (used with object)
to cover with or as if with a cloak:
She arrived at the opera cloaked in green velvet.
to hide; conceal:
The mission was cloaked in mystery.

It’s not invis. It is a cloak. It masques you, not turns you invis. That being said, there are ways to juke and hide while cloaked. Run through bushes, they can’t smell footprints. Leave a set of tracks backwards and then stand still. Jet pack dodge straight up a couple times and then drift to a spot far enough away and then stand still.


as a monster its mostly just guess work to where the hunter ran to attacking blindly hoping to get a hit which if we get that hunter might as well not even be cloaked

if you can get away from the spot where you cloaked and not into an obvious direction the monster will assume you went your pretty safe
just don’t use your jetpack within sight of the monster otherwise it will get you


Use water. You’re leaving footprints for us to smell, and the same rules that work for us when shaking your trail work for you in shaking our trail.


I have a few videos of me cloaking and moving slightly to the left or right, then watching the monster run by me.