Abe's tracking darts


How many animals can I have tracking darts in at once?


Unlimited… hit everything you see


That’s awesome! I was worried it was five like the other gadgets.


Yeah, makes sense as a question, but if Abe could only have 5 darts count at a time he’d be utterly worthless. Even peppering everything you see it isn’t unusual for a decent Monster to get a Stage 2 before you can get a bead on him. His offensive firepower and the fact that once you do get on him you can sometimes stay on him the rest of the time make it a good balance.


It really is incredible how evenly valuable the characters are.


No doubt. Then you get into the synergies certain combinations have (love Abe and Cabot), how certain Hunters are stronger against some Monsters than others, and the meta game on top of what you play is fascinating


My issue with Abe is this…the monster rarely eats anything I dart! One game I was like the ultimate dart master…I had to have darted 20 or 30 critters across the whole map since I made that MY GOAL, and the monster didn’t take a bite of one! Inconceivable!


Lol this is so true I feel that pain being a Abe main. I have been getting really lucky as of late. Monsters trying to stealth back the way I come.


I had the same problem as Abe. I always go Maggie now because sneaky monsfsrs are so annoying.


It would be really really cool if tracked animals were shown on map. That way stampedes would reveal positions as well


You need to dart the family size meals!
That is something the monster will eat!