Abes Tracking dart - No counterplay


You can handle daisy, you can avoid griffin. There is nothing you can do about a tracking dart that just tags you for 45 seconds. Given most matches last roughly 10 minutes a single dart already has a huge uptime.

I would like to be see either counterplay introduced or the duration cut in half.

The only thing that is made sure is, that any monster now needs to traverse the whole map twice for it to be over given it wasn’t re-applied somewhere midtravel.


But Abe has no way to find the monster, just have to get lucky. That’s the trade-off.


Only counterplay I can give you is delay the dart. There’s no point in sneaking or being quiet as you’re tracked on their HUD. Break LoS so he can’t refresh the timer. Once its off resume sneaking and throw them off.

Use elevation to your advantage. Use wildlife to your advantage.


Everyone has a way to find the monster, carrion birds are there for that reason. If there aren’t any check caves.


As a Abe-only player I can tell that once I found you, you made a mistake, simple as that. And that’s the punishment. I have no real way of finding the proper route if you play correctly, there is no Daisy, no UAV, no motion sensors. Just lot’s of tagging monsters, listening, trying to figure you out, etc. Because I have no real tracking skills, only after I have found you my tracing dart comes to effect.

There are lots of times when I can’t place a single trace before monster goes stage 2 simply because of stealth.


I made a mistake? Like eating wild life? Or do you mean by getting bucket UAVed or dusted?

And yes congratulations that you can evolve to stage 2 before anything that is because you are in most cases halfway through before hunters even spawn.


You gonna bitch about no counter play to dust? Or bucket UAV? How about vals tranq? All of those are “shit they spotted and got me” which means they played better than you. Get over it. Once you know you’re tracked stop sneaking. It’s not difficult.


I think the duration is very silly. 30 seconds seems about right. Anything above that is just stupid imho


Almost every cabot player I see throws dust the first thing in a random direction. Why not? It makes perfect sense it has no drawback and if you hit - $$$.

UAV is pretty much random, because even if you give nothing away as UAV you only need to follow the wildlife sounds you make even when sneaking. That is beside the point, those things are nice and dandy they don’t hold long you can do something about it simply by moving away a bit and count to 15.

However you cannot do anything against Abes dart besides traversing the map until he fails to refresh the duration and then he still has a good understanding of your position. There is a reason why many monsters simply evolve although being darted. They don’t evolve while dusted/tranqued/UAV’ed. The reason is that in the process of getting the dart of it is likely to be darted again.

I have no issues keeping darts for several minutes without breaking if I want to because I can cut the monster all day, while the monster cannot juke me, because he has to also dodge my team, while I can take the innermost circle on most maps and keep sniping the shots.

Simple changes might already make the difference, e.g. it cannot be refreshed only reapplied after it fell of or a monster can opt to shit out the dart paying a bit of evolve bar.

In my books there isn’t even a comparison in powerlevel between griffin and abe. Griffin can be completely shut out until almost stage 3 if you want to you can at any point activate sneak and that is where his idea of your location ends. With daisy it is exactly the same. You gain distance and if you are comfortable you break the trail.

However Abes dart is too long for those small maps.


Yet the wraith breaks all tracking when he decoys…


No he doesn’t break it. It is temporarily shifted and goes back to the wraith once the decoy duration is over.


His ability is not the problem its the stats for the ability. He can place a tracking dart in every animal on the map and that forces the monster to be tracked. Furthermore its for nearly 1/10 the entire game every time that the monster eats. Because of this it might be a good idea to change the duration of the dart or since it is a GPS maybe they should change it so that the marker shows in the sky above him instead of write above his head


That’s the thing. The monster has to eat to evolve, and can’t tell if wildlife has been darted. So just by eating he can give himself away. Possible counter-play: make tagged wildlife have a “tell” of some sort, or give more progress towards evolving since eating it has suddenly put the monster at huge risk.

PS not everyone plays Wraith. I prefer Goliath. I was against a high level Abe team just now and could never seem to shake them.


The counterplay to Abe is turning around and kicking his lily a** and then running away when he’s downed. The problem lies in attempting to do this when he has a Caira and Hank backing him up.


The counterplay to Abe is having a strong early game. Sneak like a mofo and get stage 2 asap. At that point it’s even ground and the monster needs to gain breathing room (once found) to feed between skirmishes. Abe is a rather poor trapper to start with because of this. Hunters will often land and have no direction to start in. Take advantage of his weaknesses.

The higher level of skill you play at the more likely you’ll always have hunters on your tail regardless of the trapper used. It’s best to get used to having the hunters there if you intend to get better as a monster.


Now how on earth does that make sense for the tracking to shift to the decoy. The dart is in the actual monster, either in his skin, or when she eats something that is tagged inside of her…and the shifting of buckets uav tracking I get but not the dart. And on a side note…why does the decoy do damage???


I see you have a need to talk about the wraith although this is absolutely the wrong thread for it.

Let me clarify something for you: Decoy is not a decoy but one of the monster skills - which btw ALL deal dmg or buff dmg. People like to forget that.
Furthermore a monster that takes 3 skills to level 3 or 3x lvl 2 and 1x lvl 3 has to roughly deal the same amount of damage right?

If one skill dealt absolutely no damage - would the powerlevel of a wraith with 3 points into that skill be the same to 0 points? No. At the end of the day only damage downs a hunter. You can mindfuck him all day if you want to - you still need dmg.

We now covered why it does need to deal damage, next on the list why it makes sense to temporarily break all tags. The decoy is already ineffective at it is at higher level. If it didn’t even have that function, then the skill would be way less attractive. What good is a decoy if you can see the wraith constantly? I also suggest you learn to dodge the decoy with one nice jump charge if it looks at you. Then you are already in decoy deals 0 dmg wonderland.

I also want to point out, that the poewrlevels of the monsters isnt the same. A wraith is considerably weaker at stage 2 compared to a kraken/goliath. It also makes a lot of sense for the team to just send 1 guy away hiding while the rest suicides onto your little healthpool even if the fight would be running badly because they can literally guarantee taking 3 healthbars ( which isn’t 1/3 like other monsters but 1/2)

So staging to 2 quickly isn’t really a solution across the board. Some maps are especially dumb and most often then not you will quickly know if you can risk a stage 1 dome or not. If you feel you cant you will be running sometimes 10 minutes trying to shake the abe dart.


I don’t think counterplay means what you think it means.

Counterplay: A threat or offensive position in chess intended to counter an opponent’s advantage in another part of the board.

Go crush their medics skull with a rock while the trapper is trying to cut you off with the support, go lead them over a Tyrant to buy you some time. Make a move elsewhere, so that his tracking becomes less effective. Once you’ve done that, think of a way to capitalize on the situation.

Counterplay isn’t a magic “Make it stop” button like some game companies would have you believe.


Exactly this. Abe is my main hunter. Good luck finding the monster if you have nothing to go by. The only advantage I have is knowing what I would do as the monster, which seems to help immensely.

However, you need to counter play Abe by being extra sneaky and always staying as far away as possible until you are ready to attack the opposing team. First off, if a bubble is up then obviously go for Abe to bring it down and keep the darts off of you as you escape.

Abe isn’t really op. Maybe besides the grenades. You just need to learn how to deal with him. The only reason I know how to deal with him though is because I’ve prolly done about 50 or so matches with just him.


I know I might be biased, but lowering the timer especially since Abe really has no way of tracking the monster before it seems to much. But maybe making actually hitting the monster harder? Currently it has zero spread, projectile flies ridiculously high, I have no issue in darting the monster at 80+ meters if I see it. So maybe lower the projectile speed? Or make it so I can’t fire 5 darts in the same direction with half a pixel difference that will surely hit. So that it’s more challenging for Abe to “refresh” and easier for monster to avoid.
But on the other hand, having Wraith completely negate the Tracer dart with decoy is just ridiculously stupid design.