Abe's stasis vs crows


Someone told me they slow at the same rate I told him they didn’t that Abe’s were stronger and don’t Abe’s stasis cut melee damage in half if someone could prove or disprove this I’d be greatful


Abe’s stasis does not affect melee damage, although it might affect the output indirectly since the monster has a harder time getting in range to melee attack while slowed.


Pretty sure both stasis effects are the same.


The only difference is that crows directly applies it to monster for 15 seconds… While Abe’s applies it to the area around the grenade for 15 seconds… Same tool different delivery method


Abe creates a “field” where it denies the monster his movement speed, better for slower monsters or to deny certain areas. While crows fully charged shot can slow the monster directly slightly longer at the cost of it being harder to apply.


Abe’s stasis is used for area denial while Crow’s stasis is a more direct slow. Kind of like how Maggie is indirect CC (traps) and Griffon is direct (harpoon gun), Abe is indirect (AOE stasis) and Crow is direct (stasis gun).

That’s how i see them anyways :wink:


All this is correct. They’re identical in terms of effect.


Identical in the terms of slowing. Just Crow’s is much less dependant on the team movement and is more constant, while Abe’s is easier to fire-and-forget mode.


Very true.