Abe's Grenades


I didn’t get a chance to play as Abe during the beta as i already pre-ordered the game.

However I have been watching loads of his game play and I would like to make a suggestion about his grenades. At the moment Choosing between Griffin and Abe is really hard, the 2 tracking systems are just as good as each other and are really down to personal preference. However, Griffins harpoon gun is so good at crowd control, mainly because it stops jumping and climbing. Abe’s grenades do not stop jumping or climbing, they simply slow movement speed, which in my opinion does not allow effective crowd control of the monster, especially compared to Griffin and even Maggie when her traps are used effectively. It allows the monster to cover large distances even whilst hit by the grenades, which I don’t think should be allowed.

My suggestion would be to make one of the following changes (NOT ALL) -

  • Slightly increase the duration that the grenades effect the monster, it is very low at the moment
  • Significantly increase the duration that the grenades effect the monster, but allow the monster to be able to break free some how
  • Make the grenades prevent jumping and climbing, or at the very least reduce the jump speed and distance and slow climbing (think this would be best)

Would like to hear what you think of this :slight_smile:


Abe slows down melee training. This helps spread out damage and forced the monster to use his skills rather then melee chaining someone and keep knocking them back. Abe + a good healer/hank makes a great distance.


His grenades are plenty strong since they can constantly be reapplied for the entire fight.


Also makes matador dodging much easier while he’s running or charging at you or anyone else. You can mostly get 3 or 4 down and you’re good to fire away with shotgun for a solid 10 seconds before reapplying. Not to mention the long distance hail mary lobs that have landed right in front of an escaping monster from so far away are incredibly satisfying. You also have the added benefit of really grounding Kraken in an incredibly effective way if you’re good at lobbing.

I constantly played Abe and never felt at all like he needed anything more than he had.


The thing is if monster is using traversal to get out of it your doing your job. Besides you can always throw another nade.

@MaddCow is this part of your herd?


My herd is many, we are legion :slight_smile: That being said, Trappers are sooo close together when it comes to balance. Out of all 4 types the Trappers are the most collectively balanced I think.


Fair enough, seems like a judged to soon before playing him :confused: I just watched some more gameplay and it seems like they may slow his jump anyway? Mad cow made a good point too. Can anyone confirm if they slow jumping or is it simply movement speed? Im super looking forward to him and think im gonna focus on getting elite with him first


I would definitely agree with that :slight_smile:


I feel the main advantage of the Abe’s grenade is their more indirect and AOE style of use. Unlike Griffin, Abe is able to continue to actively damage the monster while his CC is still going on.


Speaking of indirect you can’t throw a harpoon over over, or in front of a monster.


I would like to formally appologise for posting this thread as I have realised how foolish i was :confused: Cant really judge untill you have played. I would like to make use of the thread though and ask some questions about his grenades.

From watching gameplay, it seems that sometimes they last longer than other times? do they wear off quicker when fighting? and is there anyway for the monster to get rid of them? Also, can they be stacked, or do you have to hit him with a new one once the first one has run out? thanks for the info guys :slight_smile:


Same time whether in or out of combat. No way to get rid of them other than leave their area of influence. They can’t be stacked. You can throw several in one place to ‘refresh’ the time of the slow, but it doesn’t stack.


It’s all good and a valid question. Not all of us can sit here waiting for scraps of info.

Stasis grenades last 15 seconds, can’t be destroyed, no stacking but as long a the monster is in the mist is effected. Can have 5 out at any time.


Im assuming the 15 seconds is on how long they last on the floor? Do you know how long they last attached to the monster when slowing him?


They don’t attach to the monster as far as I know. They do stick to walls.


Stasis nades are Kraken Killers.


Oh, and don’t forget that Abe’s shotgun is the strongest of all trapper weapons so far. Don’t underestimate that gambler guy!


I think the nades would be balanced as long as they made them last longer. Right now the 1st one goes down about the same time you throw the 5th. It’d be really nice if they lasted for 30 seconds since they don’t have as great of an effect as harpoons.

Otherwise they are quite balanced


As an Abe lover, trust me. Do not underestimate his gear. Yes, the grenades don’t totally shut down movement, but you can spam them like a [REDACTED]. I played a bunch of Abe, and if you can be effective with nade placement, those things are a nightmare. It’s like the Monster is suddenly wading through mud. Yes, he can use a traversal ability, but that’s a waste of a traversal ability, and when I saw a Monster doing this, I just hurled another nade where I thought he’d land. See, unlike poons, he can’t escape the stasis field. You can completely lock him down. And he can forget about trying to melee anything in there. It’d be like an uncoordinated cow (no offence, @MaddCow- I love you :smile:) charging you but being restrained heavily. You don’t even have to jetpack dodge, you can just turn and walk away.


It’s ok. Uncoordinated cows are pretty terrible. Although, sometimes we do troll humans. Usually when it comes to roads and just staring at you like we don’t know whats going on. Oh, we know :slight_smile: