Abe's Animation is Incorrect (Ghost Gun now with video)


As you can see, the gun opens up by itself.





This stuff just annoys me, so I thought to report it. It is indeed spooky.


Do you have a screenshot of what it’s meant to look like? Haven’t played abe in a long time. :smile:


I don’t, but I’m uploading a video of how the animation is currently working.


@Jedi_Warrior got the video in the OP.


That’s weird. It’s new to me. :smile:


His hat controls the gun!


It looks like whatever animation key is used to open the barrel has moved from where it should be happening in the time slider.

I’ll check on XB tonight and see if I’m getting the same thing.


Or… His hat controls the gun! Abe Hat Variation confirmed!


I just checked and It’s a bit out of sync on PC too. Not at all as bad as in that video though.


@ArPharazon is this up your alley or is it Lindz?


Not sure who this is but we’ll find someone. :slight_smile:


Good to hear!