Abe tracking dart and behemoth domes


A quick search didn’t show (most of) these issues that I’ve noticed a since the last micropatch:

Abe’s tracking dart seems to have become less accurate with the zeroing of his rotation speed spread. It’s a lot harder to hit the target with the x actually on it (Even on none-moving wildlife targets such as striders).

Behemoth and domes, I’ve seen behemoth be able to poke his head into a set up dome and launch attacks, and then back himself out again. I tested this myself and was able to to melee strikes and a fissure through it. This doesn’t help in defend when you stick up a dome to stop him launching lava bombs in, only to have him do this to you.

Kraken AI needs a tweak I think, he’s altering his altitude very erratically at a speed that players can’t simulate.

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Also, these are from the PS4 game.


What do you mean by slamming into it?


Yeah you need to be clearer on your descriptions about the Monsters and Domes.


Basically, if the monster makes impact with the dome at such a time that it hasn’t fully formed, yet is at a point that would have previously prevented the monster from escaping anymore, he can slip through the dome.

E.G. Goliath leaping to get away from hunters, and impacting a formed section of the dome before it has fully reached to ground (say it’s 2-3m from the ground at this point) may allow the monster to make it through.

I’ve seen it happen about 5 times at most, once with me being the Goliath. I’ll capture a video of it and upload it should it happen again (I thought I had one but I don’t think I do), but I wanted to bring it up since it’s quite bad when that happens at a critical point in the match. Since it’s about timing though, I can’t really recreate the moment, I just need to leave it to chance to let it happen, but if I mention it, maybe others with similar experiences will come forward?

Edit: Disregard above