Abe too strong?


Does anybody think they should nerf Abe? His tracking gun is way to strong and one time, he tracked me as the monster the WHOLE match. It is so annoying. I think it should have an icon that tracks the monster and lasts 5% longer than Val’s tranquilizer when Abe shoot his tracking dart. Right now Abe’s tracking dart lasts about 30 sec! So long…


Abe is fine, just run it off breaking LoS, then sneak.


if they’re close it only gives like a rough area, you can actually use it to bush sit and they’ll still be just as lost


Remember: Abe cannot find you unless you make a mistake. He has no way of finding a sneaky Monster unless he gets lucky. So with Abe, you can literally be undetected, BUT if he does find you, he’s very hard to shake off. You need to break line of sight for at least 45 seconds, then sneak again.

That’s how you beat Abe.


Oh! I didn’t realize it that way lol. One round he just seemed to be right behind me even as WRAITH!


abe’s the one with the tracking spikes right?

those don’t give an exact location either.


He’s the one with the tracking darts and they do.


No, Griffin is the one with the sound spikes


well anyway, just don’t eat any suspicious bodies that have their skin ripped off and try not to get darted


Unless you’re a Kraken, in which case doing absolutely anything gives your position away on most maps.


you can boost along the floor and it’s run speed is pretty nice too. remember you can keep your height to whatever you want so you can stay below a canyon’s crest, and climb up at your convenience.

also if hunters get close with kraken, just boost away and get them in a line and shoot vortexes out your rear. that’ll increase their trip.

yeah the stasis grenades are strange. they stasis everything in an area right? i kind of think they should only work if you actually hit the monster in a grenade aoe


If there was any issue with Abe I’d look towards his stasis nades. Combo them with tranq darts and it’s game over, man.


Sneaking and pouncing doesn’t.


How long does the tracking dart last? 45 seconds?


On the dot. It seems like a while, but trust me. It isn’t.


Oh yeah, the stasis grenades are extremely op. However they only work in a radius and they are not a dart.


Stasis nades don’t affect traversal or abilities that are good for escaping like leap or charge. They aren’t OP


Val’s tranquilizer gun tracks and slows for like 5 seconds but is a dart.


i think val’s slowdarts are underrated


Val’s tranquilizer dart could last another second or two. It is balanced though. Sometimes a 1% or 2% upgrade could throw off the whole game. Balancing is one of the hard things about making a game.