Abe the Trapper needs to take it easy with the grenades


Just saw the IGN video and noticed that Abe virtually throwing unlimited grenades with no cooldown. Spamming grenades with no restriction just looks silly and unfair. Hope Abe has some recovery time after throwing, say, 5 grenades.


If he’s chucking grenades he’s not doing damage or tracking the monster. To be honest, the grenades aren’t nearly as debilitating as harpoons can be. The only thing (As a monster) I’m concerned about is his long tagging ability :stuck_out_tongue:


Worth bearing in mind that Abe can’t physically stop the monster at any point, unlike the other two trappers. This makes it harder for timing things like Hank’s orbital strike, which you can see at 3:40 in the video. That’s quite a disadvantage to have, so I think it’s fairly well balanced.


I personally would prefer the grenades to be more effective with a cooldown period over unlimited grenades being not much effective.


Agree to disagree, I guess. They look effective enough to be worthwhile to me, but they have their weaknesses. If they made them stop the monster, or gave them a large radius, it would clearly be better than the harpoons. As they stand now, you can chuck 4 or 5 grenades (taking 10 seconds or so) to try and cover an area, then switch to helping deal damage, but you can’t STOP the monster from moving somewhere.

Also, whilst you have ‘unlimited’ grenades, you can only have 5 out at a time. Throw a 6th and the 1st will vanish, much like Markov’s mines, Maggie’s traps and Griffin’s sensors.


i like it when people don’t use common sense

He does no damage while throwing the grenade

The monster if he had 1 brain cell and wanted to live would pound abe ass and then kill poof where’s the grenades now?


I am only concerned about his taste. Do you think he would taste better charred or lightly singed?


Humans are too fatty. They just help bulk up my skin for a few more moments to prevent me getting hurt. That being said, I think they taste great with Ketchup.


i agree, less grenades and increase the effectiveness of each grenade. Also bring the tag time down to 30secs


You have to remember that each hunter can only deploy 5 dropables at a time. So every time he throws a 6th grenade the 1st one that was thrown is destroyed. So he only ever has 5 out at a time, he’s just not playing that smart. He should throw 5 grenades and then use the shotgun until he needs to throw more grenades.


^that’s the answer. it’s only 5 at a time.

EDIT: I will also add that I don’t think we’ve seen any examples of great stasis grenade play yet, including in the dev stream. There were a few instances where some good S-Nades were thrown, but still he was throwing way too many past the monster and not doing as good a job blanketing the area the monster is just moving in to


My issue is more that the gameplay looks kinda dumb with Abe just spamming balls all over the place. It could be perfectly balanced but still look silly. I’d rather have a little more time playing with the shotgun. The low cooldown, unlimited supply, and ability to have 5 up just promotes constant spamming.

Now that we have a deployable indicater right under the reticule, there is less of a reason to keep all deployables at 5 max for memory purposes. How about lower the grenades to 3 max but with a bigger AoE that lasts longer and with a 3 second or so cooldown. You can play around with these values, the idea is less emphasis on grenade spam with Abe’s gameplay.

Then do something similar with Buckets turrets.


@DRevD Yeah that is my issue, it just looks too silly for my taste. And this does not encourage shotgun play much at it’s current state.


I also find the spam of grenades a bit silly and I’m afraid it will encourage bad habits for those who are learning to play the character! I can foresee players spending too much attention on the nades instead of doing actual damage or tracking the monster before the arena goes down.

I would suggest to set a 30 secs cooldown ore more, after Abe throws the last stackable nade.


And that is why they have these kinds of people in Tier 3. If you play the game long enough you should hopefully realize that nade spamming isn’t really a thing. If they do think it’s a thing, they will lose more games and eventually go down in their matchmaking.


I hope TBS doesn’t listen to you guys. The videos clearly showed how borderline broken those grenades are. It doesn’t matter if he can physically stop someone or not, no harpoon or harpoon traps will hold anyone in place for more then 1.5 seconds.

If you think any decent monster will be harpooned and barraged, then you are mistaken… It will never work out that way.

Out of the 3 trappers he is the only one though, that denies both monsters their movement type. Kraken gets sucked out of the air in seconds unable to fly, which you know the kraken is all about. No harpoon will do that for you, no harpoon trap will be able to take the kraken to the ground.

Then we come to the goliath, no amount of harpoons or traps will really take the speed out of goliath. Sure they might stutter here and there, but they will always be fast. The grenades negate even that.

Also he doesn’t need to throw 5, they hold for like 10 or 12 seconds. If he is as good as a decent monster, then he will throw 3 and then do dps.

Funny thing is even if he would be constantly throwing grenades, then you would obviously not play hank but bucket so that bucket can make up for the dps the trapper lacks.







I think hes trying to point out that Abe grenades combined with Bucket’s sentrines provide a strong slow/damage combination! so strong it wouldn’t even make sense to pick Hank as support.


I dish out a ton more damage as Hank than I do Bucket, but I could just be the misfit I guess…


It is almost like people in this thread are finding out that multiple Hunters that play much differently from each other are being introduced into the game to appeal to multiple play styles. Each with their own pros and cons.