Abe Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Stage 2: Abe Strategy, Tips and Advice

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I run reload with sunny helps you keep up with dart time better
The best tip I can give you learn where the the spotters are and what they sound like on each map hint they’re the little meerkat things


Strategy: Dart everything you see. Literally.

Kill some wildlife? Dart it.
Get an albino? Dart it.
Circling birds? Dart as much as you can on the way.
Don’t get so caught up on chasing the monster all of the time that you forget to dart living or dead wildlife around you. Even if you’re running to get a dome on a stage one monster, still dart as much as you can on the way. They can pay off greatly later.

Now Abe can have a hard time finding the monster if you have no clues on where it is. I prefer to stay near the center of the map, darting as much as I can. That way whenever carrion birds tip you off, you won’t be caught on the other side of the map.

In combat…I generally go nuts with the stasis grenades. They will pull a Kraken down, so use them freely on any monster. The shotgun does pretty good damage, as long as you control your shots and keep the spread down. The stasis grenades act as mines too, so again, use them!

I’m undecided as far as perks. Any trapper benefits from jump height or movement speed, but in Abe’s case, weapon switch is pretty handy. Of course, health regen is always an option.

So in short, Abe just isn’t as reliable as Griffin or Maggie BUT if you can dart enough wildlife that the monster will eventually eats, he’s pretty badass. Plus, the once darted, the monster is very easy to follow.


Darting wildlife is secondary dart what you can but don’t let it slow you down until you get good enough to find that monster super quick off spawn without daisy hit the big food area and give it some dart love to insure the monsters not hiding back there waiting on you to leave and then you don’t have to worry about that part of the Mao it’s as if you threw a sound spike that only actives when he eats


The monster can hear your dart if you shoot wildlife so don’t expect to get much of it. I find it better to dart only the albinos and the 3+foodies


I’d say its the other way around… Yea Maggie and griffin are great for the stage 1 stomp…but by stage 2 Maggie loses a great part of her advantage… Cause without early domes daisy is almost useless besides her revives… Mines are decent distraction but much to remote and slow to be called efficient really

Griffins better at protecting his teammate s from danger but he is also the same… By stage 3 he has no way to protect himself and will become an obvious target… Really hurting team CC when downed

Abe is the only other trapper besides crow who can effectively defend himself and attack the monster in equal parts… He brings the damage for the stage 3 stomp and also has CC that let’s him target himself and blanket whole areas in slow. His CC might be soft but it is currently the most effective in the game in terms of usefulness


If you suspect the Monster is in the vicinity but have no clear idea of exactly where, it doesn’t hurt greatly to take the time to dart an albino and then kill it. After you’ve pressed on with your search, if the Monster passes by it may well be tempted to grab the easy buff - and eat your dart in the process.


Being anyone and everyone posting in this thread is probably really good at Abe can we begin trading higher level tactics that we have because at the moment I’m getting caught in the same loops
Run dome while monsters evolving stasis on and between support and medic and then shotgun dome drops we follow and stop him from eating and then we go for a kill dome if we stopped the armor regen properly
The only exception to this loop is if poison buff exist and then I will stage 1 dome but then we just repeat the process of stoop armor regen and try to scare the evolve
Am I doing something wrong what do other people do because I’m beginning to become repetitive and I’m not quite sure of things


Anyway, Abe’s pokeballs are not strong enough to catch the monster, so instead of throwing the balls at it, throw them at your teammates, especially the one that is being focused. That way the monster will stay in the stasis field longer which give you more time to use that shotgun.

Personally I have found that even if the monster is far enough away to be a bit smaller than your crosshair at max spread, it’s better to just spam the shots. If it’s even further, I prefer to fire in two shell bursts.

Also, darting wild life is like participating in lotto, but instead of paying for the ticket with money, you pay with time. I only tag albinos, big wildlife and sometimes mammoth birds, and that’s even if I bother. Much quicker to actually search for the monster and tag the thing itself.


When fighting Kraken try and stick a Stasis grenade to him it won’t stay stuck to him but it will stay floating in the air where Kraken was stuck. This allows Kraken to be stasised constantly instead of you reapeatedly trying to throw grenades in air to bring him down.