Abe stasis shouldn't reveal monsters location


Abe stasis reveal monster (armor & health).

Abe has +80 meter of stasis range . Abe can throw stasis blindly and reveal monster location

Abe has 2 tracking device (dart gun around 35 or 38 seconds ) + stasis reveal / slow the monster . I think it shouldn’t reveal monsters at all . Stasis is a great counter for sneaky monsters

Abe has to make an effort to locate monster . All trappers have 1 tracking device . Why Abe has 2 tracking utility ?

Second suggestion:

Reduce the range of Abe stasis grenade so he wouldn’t through out stasis blindly to reveal the monster in long range .


It’s not so much as secondary tracking as it is, technically, “engaging” the Monster. It activates the Monster’s combat programming and reveals health/armor. Maggie’s harpoons do the same thing.

It’s a really bad idea to go around throwing stasis everywhere, anyways. If you do it, it gives the Monster increased traversal CD and helps it get away much faster AND tips it off as to where you are. Kind of a double-edged sword.

Also this. It’s a blatant nerf to Abe for absolutely no reason. I’m gonna have to 9001% disagree. He’s easily one of the most balanced characters in the game.

I have two responses to this:

  1. How often do you actually see that? I’ve been using him since release and never once tried this.

  2. Why not simply make it so a non-damaging ability doesn’t reveal the Monster (edit: by “reveal” I meant initiate combat)? It wouldn’t be a nerf and it would serve the exact same purpose.


Initiating combat is what causes the traversal bonus, so if you removed this wouldn’t it take the traversal with it and thus make it harder for the monster to escape the excessive Abe stasis spam? I remember when he was paired with Val and a Goliath could barely get around a corner with tranq+stasis.

Then again, TU9 is making all traversal cooldowns the same. I suppose this would be a fair change at that point. :smiley:

This measure is too extreme. The Abe player would still throw stasis at bushes, anyway. I think finding a way to compromise like mentioned above is much more fair.


Your disagreement rate is over 9000!

But ya. Im all fine with Abe being able to do this.


Abe is annoying when combined with Val, I can agree with that. However touching the range of his grenades seems counterproductive.

The easiest way to deal with this is by simply removing the reveal, while keeping the traversal stuff in. But as a monster player I think this might make it too easy to escape from Abe, so I’m not entirely sure if the easiest way is the best way.

Reducing the range or radius wouldn’t keep Abe balanced, sadly. He only has three grenades, and they’re already in a state where they’re not the most effective tool for snaring a monster; you can pounce out of range to dodge mortars for instance, or use a traversal to get out. Heck, Abe performs best when you pair him up with Val or Sunny; or both of those, for an impossibly strong team - Your chase game and/or tracking doesn’t need to be good when the monster player can’t go anywhere.


The longest range of CC are :

Crow & Abe

Abe has 17 meters radius / range 80 + can be thrown blindly

Crow requires aim / crow stasis will get movement Nerf by 50% approximately

Jack has 64 meter for repulser range (I expect it to be nerfed) it has long range

Griffin 41 requires aim & positioning

WLM ?? (50 maybe) it’s compared to Griffin range or higher a bit (will have range Nerf )

Maggie 17 meters

If abe stasis range can be reduced . It will make sneak more useful . I don’t like the idea . the first suggesting I am sticking to it .

How this is a bad idea … look at other trappers CC attribute and compare it to Abe


Though I agree that it is annoying that Abe can lazily do this, why not just remove the reveal engage combat talk? Reducing the range seems unnecessary for such a problem.

Maggie could also get something similar outside of a dome, so the harpoons don’t work as a mine tracker. :smile:


Abe is fine the way he is. There’s many other characters to focus on. In my opinion all trappers are balanced besides WLM atm.


Ugh no, Abe is fine where he is currently at. He has about the worst tracking only above jack. If he can spam stasis to find you then stay out of it :wink: . This remind me how I’d out played @Sidewaysgts on broken hill mines with Abe :smiley:


I am known for my amazing monster play



You beat the mighty sideways? * face of awe *


No i beat the mighty dean, but no it was with pubs and I’d out played him by finding him with stasis he remembers.


I remember that game. I was going to destroy you but then sideways messaged me saying you had been crying into a mouldy cabbage again about losing once again. So I let a tyrant take most of my health and then dilly dallyed around Abe all “oh no…much skill, can’t hit you… dying… muh”


Wait, Stasis Grenades deal damage?



I meant stasis alone. If the Monster gets shot, it still counts as an engagement, so they’d still get the bonus when “combat” starts. I get your point, though, and you’re right. It would be a pain in the ass to take away. Hadn’t thought about it on the other side of things.


No. Abe can throw a grenade a good distance (I don’t think it’s 80 meters. That’s quite a long way and I’d need to see some form of proof), but he never gets a chance. There’s ALWAYS something in the way that will cut it short.

60%, like ALL stasis.

I really fail to see how. Abe can’t cover a whole map in grenades. They last 15 seconds, and have a limited throw range. If he’s close enough to hit the Monster accurately, he’s close enough to dome it, or at the very least hit it with a tracker.


EVERYONE ELSE but Crow and Abe has hard CC, which allows for a full stop on the Monster, while Abe’s can simply be run through/jumped out of. (I say “simply”, but it’s never quite that easy)


No but they initiate combat and give the Monster the CD bonuses along with it.


When was that ? I’d almost always a mouldy cabbage.