Abe revealed


The finger-cut gloves, the hat and the beard :smiley:
Now this is a “WildWest”-themed hunter I like. He reminds of Wyatt Earp from “Tombstone” (with Kurt Russell and Sam Elliott)

EDIT: Mac-Man said:
" One thing they missed is that Abe’s shotgun has an electronic choke. If you shoot fast, the pellets spread wide. But if you shoot slowly, the pellets don’t spread. They act like a slug. Abe can deal damage at close and far ranges. A shotgun slug to the head does a ton of damage. So you don’t have to get in close.

Abe usually takes a little longer to find the monster, but when he does, it is very hard for the monster to escape again. The tracker darts last 45 seconds, which is an eternity in game. By the time the dart fades, the mobile arena cooldown is seconds away from finishing.

The stasis grenades last a specific amount of time. I think it is 15 seconds right now. They generate a dampening field which slows the monster dramatically. Unlike harpoons, they cannot be destroyed. If the monster doesn’t want to be slowed, he must leave the area.

As Abe, we follow tracks and bird sign and I shoot all the wildlife I can with tracking darts. You can also dart corpses if your friends kill wildlife. If the monster comes through that are again, he will probably eat something (Monsters are so hungry!) Once he swallows a dart, it activates and will remain active in the monster for the 45 seconds.

Now it is go time. Get to the monster and dome him. As soon as the dome is up, pepper the battle arena with stasis grenades. Now that the monster moves slowly (though abilities still work) it is time to go to work with the shotgun. I try to keep my distance and use the slug shots unless the monster is preoccupied, then I get close and blast as quickly as I can.

Stasis grenades are sticky, so you can throw them up onto ledges and such to create “no fly zones” for the Kraken.

Good times."

The “Revolver” is a dart-gun, with which you can either directly shoot and track the Monster, OR dart wildlife animals.
So when the monster eats those, it eats the tracker, too… :slight_smile:

The Shotgun is fairly accurate on the first 1-2 shots, but the spread increased, if it is fired faster. Seems legit.

The Nades. They remind me of “black-hole”-nades. Within a certain area, these nades slow the monster down.

Welcome Abe to the hunter's (new reveal!)

weird abilities, the tracking dart seems a big unbalanced if you can track evrything ( should be 5 like the rest? )

Like the gravity field, something new :slight_smile:


“You messed with the wrong motherfucker, motherfucker.” -Abe

What do you think is OP in Evolve?

anybody knows how long you will be tracked when you nomnom the darted critter?
And will the dart increase the evo meter by additional 25% coz valuable nutritions in the dart? =O


When ‘indirect methods’ was mentioned my ears immediately perked up. I am all about the indirect means of engagement! I really like the concept behind this guy. The other two trappers just didn’t click with me even though I can play them, I just don’t want to. Looking forward to giving him a whirl in the future. :smile:


Looks generic… don’t like it.
But his abilities should be useful.


I love this guy!!! Hands down my favorite trapper. Stasis fields look like so much fun, and the dart mechanics are fantastic!

I can imagine him paired well with Markov and Bucket to force traps to spring with the stasis field. I could also see some terrifying damage from a Hank/Hyde combo too.


Sounds like fun, though he feels like he’s stepping on Bucket’s toes a little bit. I wonder what the downside to the grenades will be if they can’t be broken in a split second like the harpoons.


Yeah based on how quickly harpoons are broken this guy seems like he’d make the others obsolete


Long recharge, I assume.


in the vid it said ~1min


I expect it to be a weaker effect, maybe like a slightly stronger toxic grenade without the damage. Slowing and limiting the range of traversal skills without being able to completely stop movement like the harpoons do. Although, it could also have a cooldown because the harpoons can be used constantly or have a delayed explosion to give the monster time to react. I can picture it being thrown in the Kraken’s face and falling out of range before going off :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, it’s a cooldown skill. Thanks for mentioning it Irishroy.


I dunno, he was throwing them in the video in pretty quick succession. I wonder if the effect only lasts while the monster stays in the field though?


Not rly.

with maggie you can have multiple harpoon-traps.
And while the monster is capped and trying to get free, you have your hands free and can either deal dmg or lay down even more harpoon-mines.

With Griffin you have more harpooning-range than maggie, and you can also somewhat “lock” the monster more in place than with the mines (I believe).

But I think Griffin is the “worst” trapper, bc. to slow the monster down, you have to make “direct” contact and harpoon the monster. Far too often I harpooned the monster, and then it just jumped towards me, so I jet-strafed to the side. But you can only do this 2-3 time, and then you’re out of fuel.
and while locking the monster, you don’t have your hands free, like Maggie and Abe do.


I still feel like Griffin will be the Trapper I play the most. Being able to harpoon the Monster directly and control its movement seems a lot easier than the other two Trapper characters


I would agree if it weren’t so easy for monsters to break them.

As a monster player, harpoons are more a minor annoyance than anything else, and that’s a problem.


I had a match against griffin where he never missed a harpoon with reload speed perk. They didn’t even need to dome me. I couldn’t move and hank shielded all attempts to stop him!

I think Abe will provide tons of utility to fights. Keeping a monster slowed and heavy is a big deal, and that tracking looks amazingly reliable! Plus, we’ve seen he has the highest damage of all three trappers. He looks like high skill cap and high potential for awesomeness!


I think that’s partly to do with the damage amplifier the new Support has. I’m sure MacMan said they’re testing tier three a lot, so if Abe and the new Support are in a match together that’ll be why the damage output is so high.


The best thing about Griffin is when the monster tries to run. When they lose their armor, a fights not going to plan, or the dome just goes down the monster wants to turn tail and book it out of there. That’s when a good Griffin comes into play. The monster’s not prepare to be suddenly stopped and not ready to just instantly turn around and whack the cable. If the rest of your team is already on the monster’s trail, it can net them a lot of bonus damage.


Saw this. Definitely called it on the tracking ability a hunter would have on wildlife when a monster eats it…Niiiice