Abe or Griffin


I had been playing monster and I have a ton of fun as the monster but I was looking for a change of pace. I like support the best but since I currently only play in pugs I figured it would be best for me to play as a trapper. I have all 3 unlocked and don’t care much for Maggie so it comes down to Abe or griffin. I really like Griffin’s sound spikes they seem to work really well. I have not tried Abe yet so I guess what I am trying to ask is which trapper has a better hunting mechanic (in your opinion of course), Griffin’s sound spikes or Abe’s tracking darts.


They’ve both got their ups and downs, but generally people like Abe’s more because once you get a dart in the monster, it has a really hard time getting away from you. Personally I like Griffin more because of the harpoon gun, though.


Thanks! I like the harpoon gun a lot too


If your looking for the more effective out of the 2 i would suggest abe, his stasis grenades are just as good as the harpoon gun at crowd control, if not better because you can dps at the same time. But the main reason I would suggest abe is the tracking darts, they are just so helpful. However, abe is more skill based in early game and rely’s on map knowledge and the ability to track without any help. Maggie is good if you are not comfortable tracking without aids, but overall i would definitely recommend abe


This is 100% true, with Abe you need to rely on skill, intuition (and since I have surround sound, use the monsters noise to determine where they are) in the early stages, as well as a good team to help. As soon as you get that first dart in a skilled Abe will never lose, cut them off, dome, and reapply dart every 20-30 seconds. Against a wraith its unbelivable useful as when she tries to decoy in the dome she is tracked as soon as her decoy goes away. Quite a good trapper, but requires experience and skill.