Abe is Overpowered


And the other trappers need to be buffed up to his level. His crowd control with stasis 'nades is superb though not debilitating, and his tracking dart removes many of the monster’s options; the other trappers should, then, be that much stronger in the department of direct CC, since they don’t have Abe’s superb ways of keeping tabs on the monster.

Though it’s not the solution I’d call optimal, as a starting point for discussion, I don’t think that having harpoons take two hits to kill would be unreasonable.

Tracking darts ):
Abe's Stasis Grenades

Coming from a Maggie player, the other two trappers are prefectly fine. Each has their own playstyle to handle the monster. Maggie is more of a trapper that likes to scrimmage, her poon traps can stop a monster frequently in a dome. I was able to pull off 4 traps in succession, stopping the monster from damaging teammates a good 5 seconds.

Griffin is a staller. He is built around preventing the monster from escaping, allowing the team to slow and catch up to it. His harpoons halt a monster, and when used on ledges, it takes a few seconds to break. My longest shot was 7 seconds, standing up on a cliff as the monster was climbing another. It allowed for a tranq and damage, giving me time to pull out my dome and bag 'em.


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I dunno ive found I have a hard time finding the monster cause my tracking darts disapear from willife as soon as i look awy from them. Don’t know if this is a bug or intended


Speaking from the perspective of a flighty Goliath, I have to heavily disagree. Maggie’s traps in particular are beyond trivial to deal with if one keeps a good sense of spatial awareness- they show up clearly on sniff, and all that’s needed is a small swipe as you walk near one that hasn’t activated yet, or one click in the general direction of one that has; I’ve never had a Maggie dissuade or delay me from my target.

Griffin fares slightly better only because he can choose to harpoon mid-leap, but I think that he still needs to have stronger delaying ability to stop the monster from kiting, especially as, like Abe, he has no recourse to a monster beginning a round by stealthing.

Maybe I’m not explaining this very clearly; all I really have to go off of is my experience in the 25 Goliath games I’ve played so far, wherein neither Maggie nor Griffin ever gave me half the trouble that a decent Abe did.


Staisis Granades dont affect the leap smash or charge though and as a very mobile Goliath player I can tell you all you need is a good leap smash followed by a charge and 3 leaps to make sure you are almost fully accross the map away from Abe and his darts.


Idk man, I think Griffin is way stronger than Abe. Just my opinion though.


I’ve fared around 40 games with Maggie, and 20 games with Griffin. A lot of monster players I’ve come across have complained and complimented me in my abiltiy to delay and snare them. Most of the games I have been in against Goliath, I have been able to stop fatal blows to my teammates and stagger their movement.

I guess i’m either going against really bad monster players, or you are getting really bad trappers.


ive had no issues with abe, infact i prefer having an abe over any of the other trappers.

Finding me is one thing, getting to me is another. abe makes monster play cake.

even still this is a beta and too damn early to call for nerfs and buffs outside of the internal telemetry that TRS are collecting.


Abe requires LOS to track with the dart gun, which is nowhere NEAR as strong a tool as Griffin’s sound spikes, which can track the monster from almost anywhere if placed correctly, or (to a lesser extent) Daisy, who you can follow anywhere and you are guaranteed to find the monster.

As for the stasis 'nades, I don’t see exactly what makes them a stronger slowing tool than 'poon traps or the 'poon gun, seeing as they all have the same purpose and near same functionality.


I feel that Abe is pretty well balanced with the other trappers, although I feel that his dart pistol should have a bit less range or duration, it’s a bit too easy to tag the monster and intercept it to tag it again, therefore preventing it from having the chance to evolve.


I like to think of abe as the Lazarus of the trapper class because he has that one ability that removes progress from you ( the dart gun) it tracks for a long time and by the time it wears off youve been spammed with another meaning you can never evolve safely. So I deal with him like laz and I find him, focus him and put strikes on him, therefore securing my peace and quiet time while eating, as for the stasis I think they are fine where they are.


You can’t destroy them is the main thing that separates them. They also start slowing right away unlike maggies traps which require set up and a few seconds to arm and you can use your shot gun while the monster is slowed


They are still there. Don’t worry. We just didn’t want to display them all the time.


Instantaneous use is why I love them. Throw them in front of the monster while he runs away. When you want him out of am area. The soft control and area denial is delicious.


I find Abe to be the weaker of the trappers imo. His slow does nothing to my leap smash and my charge whereas Maggie and Griffin can stop both, his nads just seem weak to me.


Abe- Harder finding monster from start, but increased chance to stay tracked from dart duration. - maggie advantage versus Stealth players and direct tracking- Griffin- wide area tracking slow start

Moral: Each trapper has a different method, think they are op? play them and learn them so you understand whats a strong defence to them.


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