Abe is my Spirit Animal


So gameplaywise I love Abe, long distance tracking darts, from downtown stasis grenades, unloading with the shotgun midflight. All of that is great.

Gameplay aside, I often feel that everything Abe says is what I am currently thinking. I really like Abe’s voicework and script. From throwing stasis grenades and yelling “Ohhhhh you don’t like that do you??” or arena deployment “HA, got nowhere to run now” to the swearing and curses while being knocked around however they’re worded exactly.

@Matthew is the only writer I’ve seen on here but good job to whoever was behind Abe’s dialogue, not to mention gameplay, you get me man.


I’m the junior writer. I’m also the senior writer, and the lead writer, and I get the writer snacks.

Abe’s one of my favorites too. :smiley: We have good taste!


I really like Abe as a character, hell yeah! He’s definitely my kind of personality.

The problem, in my opinion, is the infinite tracking darts all over the map and the duration of the tracking darts. Makes the other two trappers seem so useless in comparison D:


I never fancied Abe when he was revealed … but once I put my hands on him during this beta, hes now my favorite trapper.


Once you get a dart in him you can usually stay on him but if he shakes you and jukes I’ve definitely found myself aimless a few times. It can be a very reassuring thing to have daisy to follow or a soundspike ping. Also the grenades are devastating when they work out right but sometimes the full stop and wasted punch to break them of harpoons can be so useful. I mained Abe but I definitely still value and enjoyed the other trappers.


I really love the stasis grenades, yes. That’s one thing I wouldn’t change about Abe!


Abe can have an absolute hell of a time trying to find the monster though. If you’re against a good sneaking and juking monster, they can get a free stage 2 because you simply initially find the monster.