Abe & Caira Infinite Love Challenge Weekend COMPLETE! - Expect Skins around 2/11!


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Whoa everybody!

In what appears to be Thunderchild flexing its muscle, we have a 2 tiered challenge!

This weekend between 12:01 AM ET on Friday February 5, and 12:01 AM
ET on Monday, February 8 the community needs to win at least 10,000
games with either Abe or Caira in the Hunter lineup. Hit that goal, and
everyone that participates earns the Abe and Caira Infinity skins.

But wait… there’s more. If the community wins 1,000 games with Abe
and Caira in the lineup together, then everyone that participates earns
the Abe and Caira Union Jack skins.


10,000 Wins with EITHER Caira or Abe in the Lineup

Infinity Skins!!!

1,000 Wins with BOTH Caira and Abe in the Lineup

Union Jack Skins!!!

Wins as Abe or Caira: http://evolvechallenges.com/challenge/love-wins-abe-caira-infinite-love-challenge

Wins Together: http://evolvechallenges.com/challenge/love-wins-abe-caira-wins-together-challenge

Challenge of the Weekend of the 5th of February

And we need a pin. @skills4u2envy?



You know, if this was Crow I’d be all for it. But luckily, Abe is my second favorite Trapper!


If all goes well we will have live challenge progress this weekend :slightly_smiling:


I guess waiting all day for that tweet paid off LOL


actually evolvegames’ page updated first


Sweet double event!


YES! :smiley: Oh my God this is so adorable! <3 Giant black donuts. This was meant to be.

I can’t wait to do this challenge. I love Abe and Caira. Too bad I’m terrible with her. Oh well. Eep! I can’t wait!


Go moiser!!


Yay more challenges! Now I got a really good reason to play Abe for the first time. All my matches that are played will have Abe as the Trapper and Caira as the Medic.


Both are rare in my place, unfortunately. Oh well. Time to bring tier 3 back in style! ^^


Double the challenge, double the fun! I love it!


Caira/Hank/Abe/Hyde is the best pub comp for this.


YES! Been waiting for an Abe challenge! Gonna destroy this shit.

Also, this title is kinda…questionable, to say the least.

Still, I likes the skinz, so I’ll likely not leave my PC for days. Solo Arena grind, here I come.


Hey, they came up with it!



No shipping allowed on the forums!!!


You should specify that in the OP. Like a disclaimer.


was just doing that


lol No, they are just talking about how we noticed that way back when.

Shipping got real bad real fast before :wink: