Abe balancing tweak


every monsterplayer knows how annoying abes dart is. Once he hits you, you’re tracked for 45 seconds and there’s nothing to do against it, since he’ll most likely just hit you again before you outrun the duration.

My suggestion is to push in the direction, the devs were going anyway. Currently Abes darts give you the monsters location in ticks, not as livefeed. But the ticks are so close to each other that it could be one as well.

What if the tracking dart would only refresh the position of the monster every 4.5 seconds? This would mean 10 ticks for the duration and allows a nifty monster to at least fool the hunters shortly.


I don’t have issues fighting Abe… I actually enjoy not being found for the first 10 minutes. He’s easy to keep an eye on as you go.


I mainly play Abe and I’ve got to say that I have fought multiple monsters who were able to break line of sight with me for long enough so I couldn’t tag again before the dart ran out of time.

I wouldn’t mind having a bit longer ticks, but 4.5 seconds is probably too long because it’s Abes only method of tracking.


the inifinite range on the dart is also a problem. Against pro Abes I often get shot by him spraying at me beyond my smell range


I think I’ve been tagged a whole 3 times by Abe. My only loss as Wraith was an ill-timed bird scare. But I still managed to get to stage 2 and had an epic melee in the center of Avairy. Got both tyrants involved and it came down to Hyde and myself with everyone else dead. I can’t complain about it.

Really compared to many other games I find this game remarkably balanced.


You have to realize that his dart makes up for his lack of real CC >.>

Traversals and displacement abilities do not get affected by his grenades, other than Kraken’s flight

(Q_Q) -Sorry, bud.

While the others have a strong root with a radius, he just has a slow that effects walking. Which every monster has a counter to.


I got to agree with the others. It would be one thing if it slowed you down, but it only tracks you. The one thing I could see being nerfed about it, is cutting the time from 45 seconds to, let’s say, thirty, if even that. That would be okay though. But other than that, I don’t think it needs tampering with.


As a Goliath Player, I dont care about Abe…for me he is the weakest of all Trapper…


You monster, how dare you say this!


Well… Yeah… That’s the point isn’t it? :wink:


I’ve wondered if maybe it should have a longer cool down (on the monster specifically, could still spam it on wildlife) but since it is hard to find the monster early with him it seems like its decently balanced right now. Super hard to get away from once your tagged though.


Haha, that is true! Abe is definitely the most effective against the Kraken. I have used him only once against a wraith, and my stasis grenades didn’t seem to do jack. Goliath, I think he is alright against, Griffin, to me, is the most effective against him though. I’ve used him to conintuously harpoon a goliath until my dome was back up and I trapped him again plus it stops his charge. Needless to say we dominated that goliath.


The good thing about Abe vs Wraith is that it’s much harder for the Wraith to hide if you darted him :wink:
Sure it goes to the decoy, but it jumps right back after so you’ll know where she is hiding.

Main counter to Abe grenades is movement since you get away from the hunters and then stay out of LoS. So it makes sense that Abe is strongest against Kraken.