Abe appreciation


Not gonna lie; I have a fiercly growing crush on Abe. I don’t actually play him much, in-fact, I’ve only -just- unlocked him. But I was almost instantly drawn to him in public matches in-which he was played by others.

I think his loadout in every aspect is very impressive, not to mention his dash of suav, filthy mouth, and dare I say it- the moustache and cowboy hat really tie him together into one charming, easy on the eye piece of Southern pie that I could just sink my teeth into.

Gently, at first.


I see that Abe seems to…

…tickle your fancy.

buh dum tiss


O_o Okay. Alright then.

Why is it that I always find myself on these kinds of threads?


@Major_Warrior ^.- As a wise man once said… ^.-


This is the Evolve forums, since when do we actually talk about gameplay?


…I really should’ve seen this coming.


hey there pretty mama lemme whisper in your ear


Oh lord, kill it with fire.


I should totally make Abe pick-up lines



Dun do it.


Oh jeez, I just thought of one but it is VASTLY inappropriate


I doubt it could be that bad. I mean, we’ve been around people like Shin and I for ages. It can’t be that bad. If you think it’s THAT bad, you can always PM it to me, because now I’m curious.

It’s like a pain inside my nose tip.


His mo’ is inferior to Dorian’s from dragon age. Now THAT is a sweet mo. Abe isn’t bad though!