Abe appreciation

Not gonna lie; I have a fiercly growing crush on Abe. I don’t actually play him much, in-fact, I’ve only -just- unlocked him. But I was almost instantly drawn to him in public matches in-which he was played by others.

I think his loadout in every aspect is very impressive, not to mention his dash of suav, filthy mouth, and dare I say it- the moustache and cowboy hat really tie him together into one charming, easy on the eye piece of Southern pie that I could just sink my teeth into.

Gently, at first.

I see that Abe seems to…

…tickle your fancy.

buh dum tiss


O_o Okay. Alright then.

Why is it that I always find myself on these kinds of threads?


@Major_Warrior ^.- As a wise man once said… ^.-

This is the Evolve forums, since when do we actually talk about gameplay?

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…I really should’ve seen this coming.

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hey there pretty mama lemme whisper in your ear


Oh lord, kill it with fire.

I should totally make Abe pick-up lines


Dun do it.

Oh jeez, I just thought of one but it is VASTLY inappropriate

I doubt it could be that bad. I mean, we’ve been around people like Shin and I for ages. It can’t be that bad. If you think it’s THAT bad, you can always PM it to me, because now I’m curious.

It’s like a pain inside my nose tip.

His mo’ is inferior to Dorian’s from dragon age. Now THAT is a sweet mo. Abe isn’t bad though!


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