Abe always best trapper?


Whenever I play as trapper I always feel Abe is better anyone else have any ideas on this?


Best once you find the monster, a stealthy monster is hard for Abe to track but easier for Maggie and Daisy. There is no best.


for abe to be good you need to be good at cutting off and being right on its ass. you need to be able to predict where its going. His grenades are only a slow he has no real lock down.

I really like griffin. he has that hard CC lock down harp gun. He has place and forget sound spikes that make it easier to find the monster and easier to predict its movements within the sound spike range.

I personally play abe for the personality and that shot gun. You gotta admit its pretty dope.

He might be the best option against the wraith simply due to the constant slows, but if you can harpoon a wraith with griffin you might have just saved a teammate from an incap.


I keep going back to maggie and griffin, I really can’t decide which trapper I like the best lol


Well he’s tracer darts have no real cooldown, last for an absurdly long moment and can be hidden in an unlimited number of creatures so maybe he is ?


Griffin is best as he is immune to Tyrants, since he wrestles space crocs for a living.


Iunno… Abe is fun for sure and the spammable snare is annoying to the monster for sure, but it doesn’t really prevent the Monster from moving around too much or mitigate abilities like well-placed Maggie Harpoons can.

I’ve grown quite fond of Griffin, actually. While I find Sound Spikes somewhat lackluster early game, they pay off later once you have the trail of the Monster and he’s in his Eat-and-Run phase. I favor high-traffic or high-meat areas.

Vs Goliath, it’s pretty straightforward. Be the most annoying piece of meat on the planet to the guy by interrupting every other leap or climb you can, then run for the hills when the inevitable rage turns it’s gaze towards you. Bonus points for interrupting Leap Smashes O.o

Vs Kraken, while slightly more annoying to do, it is important nonetheless; Harpoon that ugly mother out of the air. You’ll need to get behind it often, a feat easier said than done, since his Aerial ‘Melee’ breaks any front (Or even Side sometimes…) harpoons instantly.

Vs. Wraith, I find Grif to be at his weakest. Harpoon doesn’t affect Warp Blast or Abduction at all (A little stupid if you ask me…) and Decoy breaks any current Harpoon currently in the Wraith. I would take any other Trapper if I KNEW a Wraith was coming up, personally.

BUT… If you save the Harpoon for Decoy, you can effectively counter it completely. Harpoon the real once (The animation has it motionless for a moment) then hold. Wraith either has to break it and end Decoy early, or allow it to stay in, preventing her from running and giving a VERY visible ‘marker’ ala Cable right to her for the Assault >:)

For any of the three, his SMG is pretty good. It isn’t a Rail Cannon, but as far as Non-Assault Weapons go, I have no complaints about it. Kicks the crap out of Abe’s shotty anyways. Can rack up some nice damage through a match between Harpoons :smile:


Abe has the highest DPS by far though… I love griffin but Abe is a beast against kraken and a good Wraith. His damage is insane compared to any other trapper.


The main problem with Abe is to find a good team. It’s really frustrating to chaise monster through whole map, dome him and die because your team is faaaar behind you having a fun time safari hunting Armadon…


I feel this way with all the trappers. I cut off and dome a monster and it’s just me and him.




This is actually quite true, it happened to me a couple of times already. It is almost as annoying as shooting down the animals that you marked with the tracker darts, why do people do this? Can you really be that stupid? Anyways, if you play with randoms you always have a hard stand being the Trapper, everyone expects from you to find the monster in less than a minute but nobody trusts you enough to follow you when you search for it. Most other players think it’s cool to find the monster be for the trapper does.
Also apart from the Medic the Trapper is the one that usually the monster tries to attack first, why do so many players don’t understand this. So you end up being directly attacked by the monster and slaughtered because you fallow companions don’t give a shit and not even be recovered because it is just to cool to shot at the monster than help you team mates.
One of the most annoying games I played was yesterday, I tracked the monster twice and caught it in the dome, the 2nd time I got knocked down by the monster player and instead of at least trying to revive me out Laz Medic was shooting at the monster from hill, the monster took down Assault and Support too and the Medic was still just shooting at the monster. Your damage amplifier only works if there are players left to shot at them ARRGGGGGG!!! Still love the game!! :smile:


Ok, another one:
Do you ever had this situation when you almost reached monsters tail and prepared your dome !BOOM! Your assault takes his minigun and fire up monster so monster’s stamina going up and he just run jump\fly\blink away from you with a speed of lightning. I am always like “why…WHYYY??”


Every public game, even the trappers do it

Than they go on forum and complain it is hard to catch monster

----> first week posts


All depends on the other Hunters, the Monster, the style of Monster play… if you’re up against a sneaky Monster with no Cabot or Bucket to assist in finding the Monster Abe can set you up for a very loooong game. :slight_smile: